Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

No map voting. It still kicks you out of the server between matches. Totally sucks.

Portal was a great idea they abandoned in its infancy.

They did add maps and tweaked old ones to ok effect imo. I was the outlier that likes the bigger maps.

I still play a ton as the core gameplay is great and nothing like Battlefield. Plus I get to fly choppers. Portal was my biggest disappointment as there are so many great maps they could have brought back. It does some crazy fun game modes so I still play in it some.

I wonder just how much money has been put into developing modes that they end up pretty much abandoning after release the past couple editions.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve played. Just been too busy with life and other games, but I’m not a Dead Space guy so this kind of does nothing for me.

I do hope it indicates a desire to make the next game a 2142 follow up tho. Set things in the future and let’s explore that.

Hover tanks and Mechs again? Sign me up.

I think the tech is good enough to pull off what they tried last time with ground battles and capital ship battles above.

Yeah, I’m on board with it but I doubt they’ll go there.

Dice or EA or both messed this franchise up with lack of direction years back. They should stick with what they are good at, large maps, conquest, and all out war. Tired of the small funnel, linear based maps they release. ie the train station one etc. Or maybe I just miss the good ole BF days and am old.

I am old with you. Played 1942 through 2142 obsessively, but kinda bounced off the franchise once the maps became choke points. It could be a lot better now, but I’m not going to pay to find out.

Bringing back the split objective plus titan gameplay would definitely make me consider jumping back in.

I agree, I’d be all over that. Come to think of it, I also miss the boarding ships and fighting from TRIBES as well.

The new Delta Force game looks like it might have some BF-ish mode. Ran across a jackfrags video of some footage.

My vote is for Bad Company 3. :slight_smile: