Battlefield 4

All our previous threads were about the reveal or the beta. Let’s make this the game thread.

Pre-loading has begun on Origin!

Any Qt3 clan or game nights planned?

Get to work on the Qt3 clan! :p

I’ll be playing once I finish up Batman.

Think the QT3 clan from BF3 will work with BF4, no?
Waiting on my pre-order to arrive. Had to purchase it after I discovered it was 64-bit.

It isn’t, so far as I know? At least, it doesn’t require a 64bit OS.

Beta required 64-bit. I think release also has a 32-bit version but BF4 definitely has a 64-bit executable.

The game is 32/64 bit friendly.

I don’t think the BF3 battlog / clans carry over to BF4. So a new clan will have to be started.

sounds silly of them not to carry them over on account of them being on battlelog and pretty much the same game. But I suppose a new one can be made if sufficient sacrifices are made :)

It is a shame the game isn’t 64-bit exclusive so they didn’t have to make sacrifices to fit it onto calculators.

Weird message on Twitch TV, telling people to not cast BF4 until X date, violators will have their channel closed.

First time I’ve ever seen something like that when beta ENDS.

Its part of the new streaming friendly nature where Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will dictate what you can and can not show on the major streaming/video platforms such as youtube, twitch and what last one. I suppose Nintendo and Sega were the “pioneers” on this with all their takedowns and ‘takeovers’ (of ads) on Youtube.

Getting into the mood …

Battlefield 4: Accolades TV Trailer

Pretty psyched now!

I really really miss the charm single-player used to have.

Wow, that’s actually pretty good stuff.