Battlefield 4

So I’m new to the franchise. I’ve always played CoD. I was getting a little tired of it because it seemed…repackaged. I thought I’d give Battlefield 4 a try. Heard some good stuff. Got it for the boys for Christmas. Let me say firstly, I enjoyed it immensely. Very different feel from CoD. I played it two days in a row until 4am. :)

It acted a little buggy. Could be me. My internet. Holiday mass migration to the servers, whatever. But then, sweet holy hell, WTF?

I started encountering more severe problematic issues than I can possibly remember or name. They have virtually render the game unplayable. So much that I fear for the safety of my Xbox hardware. I shit you not. I’ve had more game freezes and hard restarts in the last two days on Battlefield 4 than I’ve had on all games, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC combined…in years.

I’ve brought the discussion here not so much to bitch but to broaden the horizon of the discussion. It hasn’t gotten much publicity before the last two days it seems to me. Or, my due diligence was lacking in my research prior. Anyway, the discussion and publicity seems to be picking up outside of the official forums now. I mean, fuck, I waited months after release to buy the game figuring the issues of initial release would have been worked out. Boy, was I wrong. What a fucking mess. I can’t remember the last EA game I owned. Their products are not something that normally appeal to me. Understandably, the negative comments state this seems inherent in EA products. I just want it fixed. It really is a good game, like the QT3 homepage opinion piece stated, if you can play it.

The thread is over yonder.

Thanks, I saw that.

Maybe I should have titled mine something else but I thought not to include a negative conversation and trying to highlight a profound problem in a thread titled “Multiplayer awesomeness” when the goddamn thing doesn’t work. My last 5 attempts have failed and I no longer wish to risk my machine. Perhaps my point was lost.

Also, that thread is all but dead. 5 posts in 10 days? Isn’t anyone else on this board having severe problems? If nobody cares then fuck it.

I think everyone is having problems with Battlefield 4, but it’s become “the new normal” so no one has much to say. At this point, DICE and EA are putting everything on hold while they work on the basic stability. They just canceled the double XP year-end event because the game is such a crapshoot.

It’s interesting how the narrative of Battlefield 4 changed from “levelution” and “CoD killer” to “this &^$%#* game is broken.”

I haven’t played much this month, or at all really. Probably 15 to 20 hours total and all online. But I’ve have never had any issues that I’ve noticed. Not that I don’t believe they exist, just that I’ve never seen any problems. I’m running of a pretty new install of Win8 on a newish (mid summer purchase) laptop so maybe that helps my personal stability with the game. But while I’ve never seen any issues, the fact that I know they’re out there and keeping lots of the population away does make me less inclined to jump in and play consistently.

I much prefer the BF series to COD at this point so I hope they get this straight soon. Glad I’ve held off on the Premium package though.

Leveling Recon is so painful and hard for me, I only intend to play when there is a 2X event so I can use a 2X multiplier to stack it to 4X. I put 100 hours in last month to get to rank 61.

I leveled Recon with shotguns and carbines. I am horrible with sniper rifles so that was never going to happened. I might try again with the 2x event but it’s just no fun for me when I’m so bad at it, so why bother.

What platform are your playing it? (or trying to)


2X XP for Premium members started today at 6AM and wasn’t announced on Battlelog until hours later. Bah.

Fuck it’s still hard locking.

I finally learned how to set up the server filter and have had so much better luck with gameplay. I set the filter to look for only US East or West coast servers. I’m in Ohio.

I had been using ‘quick match’ before that and was plagued with problems. It’s only locked up on Dawnbreaker since then. I just back out now when I see Dawnbreaker come up. Other small issues abound but at least it’s playable.

So…no Mantle eh?

It was delayed one month. Normal, with all the problems they are having with the vainilla BF4!