Battlefield question?

Still worth buying?

As a newbie to online FPS games, will I get killed over and over and over by the l33t gamers who’ve played it for over a year?

Keep in mind that I will probaly not buy any of the expansions, scratch that, I will definitely not buy a lame Jetpack expansion, but I might consider Road to Rome.

I’d say hell yeah. You can get it now for between $20-25, and Desert Combat is worth that alone. EOD also pretty nice.

BF1942 is still defnitely worth it. I don’t think you’d get abused at all, I still see people of all skill levels.

And get both expansions, you need all the maps. The jetpack is actually not very useful, so often ignored. One thing I do like is that the rocket planes have limited fuel, so you don’t get some uber pilot bombing you for the entire round.

The expansions cost as much as the original game does, and I’m not exactly swimming in money. Unless you are suggesting that I just grab the ISO’s, an option that is hard to ignore when you can’t afford to feed a proper gaming habit.

if money’s tight, stick with just the original. It has more then enough to keep you happy.

Although this is comming from a guy who only played one level of UT for 3 years (Facing Worlds).

Yeah, they definitely need some sort of bundle now. If one of the new maps comes up in rotation & you don’t have it, it just dumps you from the server. Properly patched up to 1.45 or whatever it is now, you can play any map you have on any server.

Although this is comming from a guy who only played one level of UT for 3 years (Facing Worlds).

Heh, same here…low grav instagib is a great way to play that level.

“Heh, same here…low grav instagib is a great way to play that level”

I would play it in high speed all the time. After an hour of that and real life became slow motion. :)

BF1942 is absolutely worth buying. Don’t worry about the expansions- there aren’t that many servers running them. Go for the mods- Desert Combat and Eve of Destruction (a Vietnam mod) are both fantastic.
Forgotten Hope is out this weekend and will feature a huge amount of new WW2 vehicles and a more realistic damage system.
And trust me, there are plenty of gumby players out there that will make any newbie look good.
A few tips- don’t plane camp, don’t go as a sniper and ignore taking flags, don’t jump into artillery and drive it when someone else is gunning, spot for artillery if you can and stay away from the coast when piloting a ship.
And if you’re Axis on the Omaha map, don’t drive a tank down onto the beach- only cheap pricks do that.

Its been a while since I fired up BF1942. I haven’t gotten the 2nd expansion yet, but I think I’ll play some EOD and Desert Combat this weekend.

So far there’s one “buy the 2nd expansion” vote and one “don’t buy any expansion” vote. Any more people? Don’t make me put up a poll.

Don’t buy the expansion. Play desert combat.

Unless you want to buy my unopened copy of Road to Rome.

I have Road To Rome. Its the expansion where the planes kill everything in sight.

<frankenstein voice> Mmmm, Desert Combat good! </frankenstein voice>

Here’s a homepage for the CoFR BF1942 server, it contains our expectations for smacktard-free play:

The cool thing is that even though it might look like an admin is not on, one still might be monitoring things via the Black Bag Operations Remote Server Manager.

That depends entirely on how much you want for it. :)

Played some EOD and DC tonight.

Damn, the sounds for Desert Combat got a lot better.

EOD is also very good, as I played that more. The dark confined levels are really quite a different play experience than the wide open BF1942 and DC maps.

I love the maps in EoD which don’t allow parachutes. It makes it better to see a Huey come in with a hard landing and see the troops pour out. I wish they’d do this in some Desert Combat maps.

:( I can’t play DC… stupid dial up!

… BF1942 is worth the purcahse… but only for multiplay (sort of like quake3)…and definatly get Desert Combat… best mod ever.

(alongside NS 2.0 and DoD)

Yeah EoD seems to have better battles and players whenever I play it online. Everytime I’m on DC there’s always something stupid going on.


I’m not a big fan of the various mods for BF - I particularly dislike the play style of Desert Combat - but if you haven’t played this game before, you really need to. At bare minimum, get the basic package. It’s the best first person shooter I’ve played in a very long time, and it revived my flagging interest in the genre. A real treat.