Battlefield V. fan site not blinking at distributing mp3s?!


Hey there everyone, it’s me, Soldier6644, who happens to be the creator of this file. I’ve been reading all of your comments, and thanks to everyone who have praised my conversion. However, I have read the ones concerning the legal issues, and here is my two cents.

I have asked the staff to take down this file, however, ShinyRory said (and I quote):
“We will take it down when we get a e-mail from EA telling us to take it down.”

Almost 5000 downloads so far. This all the commercial licensed music in the game. Filefront is even distributing this - and they have a pay version of their service making it even stupider. Not a big deal, since its dead easy to convert these yourself if you wanted them, but how can the sites laugh off the amount of pointless liability they are entering into?

You should never underestimate the power of stupidity.

Shall we start a QT3 pool to wager on how long it takes for them to get their asses sued?