Battlefield V - WW2, cosmetic loot, DICE


I’ll probably give a month of Premier a try in December, see how much they changed/improved from BETA.

With RDR2 and Hitman 2, my November is booked full.


Both the familes Xboxes are pretty much taken over by kids at this point. So no RDR for me. But the PC is in our bedroom and while the kids occasionally wander in for some gaming, I can keep the Origin app without a deskstop shortcut so they won’t know it’s here and get in and jack with my stats. And I don’t feel too bad about it, I mean I keep them generally well fed.


This push me to not get the game.

I don’t want to be any part of something this dumb.


These 139 pages of patch notes are pretty impressive:


Had to update my video driver but once that was done I jumped in.

Got a lot of tags and stuff, but not all seem to be selectable. The BF Veteran is the only one I cared about. Not a big deal, but I’m not sure how the whole dress-up thing works with BF now. The Intro movie/playthru ended up being better than I expected. Still a bit of a tonal shift from ‘War, what is it good for’ tone with the movie parts, to ‘Kill the dude with red!! hahahaha’ of the game. But it was more impressive and meaningful than I expected.

Solo campaign was a beast. Or I just suck. So much dying on my part. Gave up after about 20 minutes and I think making it halfway thru the first battle.

MultiPlayer. Big, wide, and slower than COD but still tense and not too complicated yet (granted, there are a ton of things I prob don’t even know you can do). I’m on the positive of the k/d ratio. Probably the only time I’ll be there so I really should take a screen shot.


This should have been the trailer they showed back at reveal time.


Dat BF theme… :D


I can’t hear the sound, but man, just the visuals on that trailer were really great. It made me want the game.


Is a good trailer, bront.


Trigger alert: there is a woman in combat in this trailer. If this sort of thing makes you angry, don’t watch! Who are we kidding, though, you’ll watch it just to get angry.


One of the single-player campaigns has you playing as a female resistance fighter in Norway. Not an unreasonable role, from what I understand of the various anti-German resistance forces in WWII, where women were certainly active. Of course, all the people in a Battlefield game, male or female or whatever, perform with superhuman abilities and resiliency, so it’s no weirder when the protagonist is female.

I do hate DICE’s propensity though for crappy gimmick levels (“run from campfire to campfire or freeze to death!” “dodge the unpredictable artillery as you drive for an arbitrary distance!”).


Finished the three (so far; there’s a German one coming in December I think) solo campaigns. Well, finished as in got through them. I’m in no hurry to replay them to get all the collectibles or whatever. The third one, the one where you play as a Senegalese Tirailleur is IMO the best, in terms of the story, which is actually really powerful, and the gameplay, which is less gimmicky than the other two. The Norway one was pretty solid as well, while the SBS one, eh, it was ok.

Played one Conquest match on the Norway map. Fairly Battlefield-standard, with lots of destructible structures and getting killed from goodness knows what from goodness knows where, but pretty fun, too.


I’m so excited for this game (not playing till launch day) that a bunch of us battlefield dudes in the UK may go visit the bovington tank museum a few days before launch to get in the mood :D


Game does look cool, love the details on all the English tanks, crazy they have the Churchill Gun Carrier,

though I hope they add the Matilda II later…

Warthunder taught me to love the Matilda! BTW its only German and English tanks in game right now, so only some battles in N Africa mainly. No T34s or Shermans… later most likely. Of course theres the Tiger… meh.


The Conquest modes play out pretty much like BF 1, with worse animations in some cases (the prone movement animations in first person lead to some very odd contortions of the player’s body, for instance. But the gunplay is solid, if still the sort of thing old guys like me find baffling because we get killed without the foggiest idea of who or what shot us. But the maps are pretty amazing–Rotterdam is superb.


Watching JackFrags play this, it does look far better than my time spent with the beta.


how can ANYONE say ‘meh’ in the context of a TIGER TANK???


Anyone watch the video I posted? Jack mentions how they reduced grenade spam. He then proceeds to play as assault class, with stick grenades, what seemed like almost unlimited Panzerfaust’s, and dynamite.


You spawn with IIRC three Panzerfausts, one regular grenade, your side arm and your primary weapon. Plus your handy hammer for building fortifications (this is as assault). The Panzerfausts of course are ahistorical in most of the battles, as are the Tigers, but eh, who cares, they’re cool. I think you can refill one Faust from an ammo stash, though I can’t recall if this actually happens, but normally I just respawn and get refilled. The Fausts are fairly effective against vehicles as well as people and forts. There’s also a grenade launcher thingy, as well as frag and incendiary 'nades.

The game mode that has linked battles over multiple game days (can’t recall the name right off the bat) is pretty cool. You can destroy bridges and the other guys have to rebuild them and stuff. I haven’t found grenade spam to be very bad. You can also pick them up and throw them back and shoot them out of the air, though God knows I haven’t been able to do that.

Overall, despite some glitches like falling through the world once and the odd prone animations, the general game play is spot on.


As I have the Origin pass I figured I’d give this a try. Downloaded it this morning and played through the intro before I left. Game sure is pretty. I loved me some BF1 so I was looking forward to this one. The recent press soured me on it, but it seems like they released a pretty good game. It’s nice that you won’t have to buy a season pass. BF1 had a huge issue with the community being split due to the dlc so that was a very smart move on their part.


I’m curious whether this is same BF formula where you have to play 100 hours to get all the weapons & attachments?

I really miss the BF42 days and the return to WW2 is great, but I really, really hate grinding to get my weapons the way I want them.

Also - how does squad spawning work?