Battlefield V - WW2, cosmetic loot, DICE


Crimean War shooter. Trust me, it’s the next big thing.

And no, not today; 1840s style.


Wasn’t there a Secret Weapons of WWII expansion for Battlefield 1942 that added a bunch of crazy shit like jetpacks and stealth vehicles? I hope they incorporate some of that.


So pretty much this?


looked like a reimagined Battlefield Heroes


Exactly! If you’re gonna die, die with your boots on, so to speak!




Hmm. Well, this is news.

Shortly after the reveal, EA confirmed to Kotaku that the game will not have any form of randomized loot boxes. Previously, a report had suggested that the next Battlefield would have cosmetic-only loot boxes, but at the time, sources told Kotaku that report was premature and that decisions had not yet been made. “I can confirm that there are no loot boxes,” an EA rep said in an e-mail.

I predict “battle passes” like the way Fortnite does it. Straight-up cosmetic purchases don’t bring in the money EA is looking for.


Battle pass the way Fortnite do them are flawed. If you don’t like the things in the battle pass you are screwed, and you get them in a kind of pre-planned calendary way, so when a new dance unlocks, everyone gets at the same time. That goes again with the desire to customize your character to be unique.

Anyway videogames are more fun when you can drop silly dances and emotes in them.

I am looking forward for “Kilroy was here” custom spray.


They can’t even pretend it was a principled decision. Pimping the unlockables any chance they get.


“Its about empowering you, ladies.”



It was clear from the trailer. They can’t put totally stupid shit like clown hats or a superhero cape like you can do in a fantasy/scifi cartoon game (Overwatch, Paladins, Fortnite), so the character customization options will be things like:
-prostetic hook hand
-eye patch
-bandana, scarf…
-paint camouflage
-leaves put in your uniform
-hair types
-side arms
-melee weapon (there is a soldier with a small katana on the back?)
etc. You get the idea.

Imo, it will be good, if in exchange there is no gameplay advantages to be won by lootboxes nor mappacks that divide the playerbase.


I wonder if there will be special call ins for kill streaks? I saw a V1 hit in that trailer, so… ?


There will be, only callable by squad leaders. Wait an hour, I will post more info… or you can watch this

He discusses tons of changes.
In fact I find disappointing in how the discussion on Internet has focused on if there are robots in the game, or how unrealistic are women soldiers, or if there are too much color… and not in the real data of the gameplay.


So you are saying, the glorious whistle that squad leaders had in Battlefield 1, has been replaced by a V1 rocket.


Summary from the video:

Setting is France, Norway, Rotterdam and North Africa.

You can create your own company (customization of soldiers, weapons, vehicles)

You can build fortifications:
-Only can be done in set points in the map, but they are plenty, both in flags and in the paths to flags, and in destroyable buildings.
-Sandbags, foxholes, wire, tank stoppers, machinegun nests, cannons, ladders.
-You can reinforce destroyed buildings
-Every soldier can build basic stuff, support class can buy the offensive fortifications (cannons, mg nest, etc) and they build them faster.

Old Conquest system coming back (more like BF3/4 vs BF1?)

Attrition: Health regenerates only up to a stage (33%, 66% 100%?). You need a medpack to truly heal.

Physical interaction system: everything you do is a physical interaction. Healing with a medpack, picking up an ammo pack, reviving someone, etc, it needs to interact with an object and there will be a short animation. No abstractions like “ammo supply radius”.
Some actions like ledge grab need interaction in the ‘right’ moment, so they can be failed.

Revival animation takes x seconds for normal soldiers, medics can do it faster and also will heal the soldier at the same time. Animation can be cancelled.

Spotting has changed. No more shooting at 3d icons (doritos). But it isn’t clear how it works now, it isn’t clear if only it’s now an audio ‘call’ and some brief ping in the minimap.
[EDIT]: This is BS, you can see the red 3d icons briefly in the trailer, and the red icons in the minimap.

You start with less ammo than before. The idea between then and the need for medics to heal is to increase the teamplay/ make it more tactical. That said, you can loot enemies for a small amount of ammo.

Server side ragdolls. It means the positions of bodies will be the same for everyone. You can drag bodies and revive them later. Ragdolls has persistent physics.

Gunplay. No visual (abstract) spread/recoil in weapons, now all weapons have a proper recoil, each with its own recoil pattern.
Bipods are easier to use. Bullet penetration is in.

-You can dive to every direction (backwards, side, forwards).
-You can fire from that position, once you are on the ground.
-There is a delay before you can shoot to avoid dolphy diving.
-You can crouch sprint, keeping a low profile.
-You can vault windows without having to break them before.
-Players interact more with the environment. They knock down grass as the walk, etc.

You can throw back grenades or shoot them mid-air.

You can tow things (cannons, AA gun, etc) with vehicles, and they can be fired on the move (like in the trailer). Possibility of having supply depots towed to frontlines.

Destruction is more detailed: and explosion inside a building is different than one outside the wall. Destruction is also less immediate, things will start to crack and fall with time, after receiving damage.

Elite squads are out, behemoths are out.

Squads are obligatory now. You can see what your squad is down before reviving with them. You are notified when you are the last squad member.

If you do it well as a squad, you win squad points. The squad leader can spend them in arty calls (V1, for example), supply box drop, smoke barrage or calling a special tank.

Large explosions can knock you out.

Classes have a class archetypes. Class archetypes are customizable with a skill tree system, unlocked as you level up.
Example of exotic archetype: recon paratrooper with silence smg and pistol, silent footsteps, garrote cable, smokes, throwing knives.
On top of this, you can add perks from the skill tree (flak armor, agility, suppresive resistance, etc).

Weapons and vehicles also have their own skill tree/customization.

Vehicles are asymmetrical (allies and axis have vehicle gameplay differences).

New 64-player mode called Grand Operations. It plays over 3-4 days (a full match each). Each day has different objectives that can be changed in a modular fashion. How well you do in the first match (say, destroying key guns as an airborne) will affect the next match (D-day beach invasion?).
If after the third day there is no clear winner, you play a fourth map, in a Last Stand mode (only one life, only one magazine).
Developers can change special factors on them over time.

Transport vehicles spawn in the map, combat vehicles spawn in the tactical screen.

Patches should be faster, if they affect only balance (cap times, weapon damage, etc).

Gamers are already drawing battle lines over the Battlefield V trailer

Thanks for the write up @TurinTur .


Some more comments, about an interview with the Gameplay Director

All these changes are exciting but their mere amount and gameplay possibilities, but after a while, I started thinking how it’s really departing from the old & trusted Battlefield formula.

Because Battlefield have always been an arcade run & gun game at its core. Don’t be confused by their visual authenticity, that’s a totally different thing. The main mode, Conquest, is designed to run/drive around flags like crazy, at least if you wanted to win the rounds, and the game always had a immediacy in everything, how you heal, you how enter a vehicle, etc. It was abstract, but thanks to that the game was fast paced. It’s a bit similar in how in Doom you run around to pick up weapons or armor.

Now all the fortifications sounds like they could make for a less fluid game mode, and a more static frontline, where points exchange hands less times. Slower revives, having to search ammo, having to depend more on teammates, more animations, all that can makes the experience slower. Harder spotting also will slow down the pace, if you have to stop and look around carefully more times than before.

So yeah, all together it seems it will be a different game than usual Battlefied. Maybe it will be an hybrid between Battlefield and Red Orchestra?


That write-up made me interested in a Battlefield game for the first time in something like 10 years.


I only play BF games at release, then play other games for a period of time that feel like 1000 years until the next release. Strangelly enough when I look at myself in a mirror I see a BF player mostly.

This means, I love playing a new BF, I will never get burned of BF, and I don’t mind the game serie using the same gameplay since… errh… 1942.

I trough everybody was has hyped for BF games has me, so I never noticed the huge BF fanboy that I am.


System requirements for PC are out. It’s almost the same as BF1.

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Processor (AMD): AMD FX-6350
Processor (Intel): Core i5 6600K
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 2GB
Graphics card (NVIDIA): nVidia GeForce® GTX 660 2GB
DirectX: 11.0 Compatible video card or equivalent
Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection
Hard-drive space: 50GB