Battlefield V - WW2, cosmetic loot, DICE

They did a lot of things right and wrong. With over 525 hours in the game, I had a lot of fun with it but they had so many opportunities to make it a classic, but failed. The graphics are top notch, the destructive environment is always fun but this was a title that was clearly rushed and lacked a clear vision.

Maps - For a game touting massive maps, there were just a few that were really large and allowed effective vehicle play. There were some maps I liked (Arras, Panzerstorm, Twisted Steel) and some I hated (Narvik, Fjell, Aerodrome). They could have made more maps like Arras and the western European area. They could have added more jungle maps where you would actually fight through the jungle instead of once again, linear paths. Large urban areas instead of a central point like a church or theater ie Devastation.

Cosmetics, the area where they can support the live service was pathetic. Whoever was in charge of this clearly had zero knowledge of how to handle a live service. Skins that were in alpha and beta never made it into the live game. Skins were data mined that never made it in the game. Guns in single player never made it in the game (Chaucat). Also, most skins were only bought with actual $.

Games like Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose that are made by independent studios have more vehicle diversity than triple AAA Dice’s BFV. This was a very disappointing area for me.

Other things touted by the team never made it in game or were very late:

  • Dragging soldiers to cover - scratched
  • Vehicle cosmetics - introduced with minimal cosmetics recently after a year and half of “soon”.
  • Cheaters and lack of cheating tools.
  • Firestorm, their touted battle royale, no longer received updates and had so much potential

Changing the TTK multiple times throughout it’s lifespan. Both times they attempted to change it, it failed miserably and had to be reverted.

I’ve been a huge fan of Battlefield titles. I own every single one and was so hyped to play BFV. I love the WW2 theme but they dropped the ball on this one.

They really have to take a look at the mistakes they made and focus on making BF6 a strong title else they are in trouble.

They should never have bothered with Firestorm. All the resources put into that probably would have allowed to them to release another expansion like the Pacific. Would have been far better recieved.

Yep, firestorm was a huge mistake.

Yeah, but it was a mistake because it was tied to BFV owners, and EA released a BR around the same time that had more varied gameplay, a more varied map and was actually free to play.

Edit: that being said, it was developed by Criterion who wouldn’t have worked on BFV anyway, so I’m not sure we would’ve gotten more content in BFV if Firestorm had never happened.

The gameplay was there for Firestorm and I totally agree, it should have been free with cosmetics etc to help continue development on it. It was contracted out to a different studio but when it was released, development slowed and eventually stopped once Dice took over. Another blunder on leadership. I do not fault the individual teams, I fault their management/leadership/ direction of the game and they failed to correct this along the way.

EA decided to release BF3, BF4, BFH, BF1, and BF5 on Steam today.

Also some recent rumors that there is a BF3 remaster coming.

Meh. I’d rather they remastered the Bad Company games. The first one wasn’t even released on PC so there is even a better reason for remastering it than the game that is worse than both BC2 and BF4.

Bad Company 2 - last good Battlefield, and also the best one.

Yeah, my brother and I played a LOT of BC2 coop. We tried the ones after that, we’re always looking for great games to play coop, but nothing matched that BC2 experience.

Here, here. Almost equaled with BF4 except the player base got fractured by all the premium DLC.