Battlefield Vietnam is $35 at EB this week

Not a bad price. I bought it.

It was $40 for me. UT2k4 was $40 too.

In the UK the best price I can get for UT2K4 is £17.95 ($32) including postage (, but for Battlefield Vietnam it is £22.95 ($41) plus postage from amazon. I think that is the final nail in the coffin for BF, in the war for my wallet.

Anybody see it at Best Buy yet? They advertised it for $34 but not available until the 18th.

Amazon has it for $35, plus $10 off any of a bunch of other 3D war shooters.

So I ended up getting BF1942:Secret Weapons for $9.99.

I did not see it at Best Buy last night; they did have UT2K4 for $30 though.

— Alan