Battlefleet Gothic: Armada


Ubber excited for an upcoming fleet based RTS in the Warhammer 40K Universe.

Hopefully it’ll be something like the old Conquest RTS game or in the alternative a Homeworld type game.

WH40K---Battefleet Gothic: Armada

I recall a Sins of a Solar Empire mod for this way back when. It had the pretty graphics and models but no real gameplay, and died on the vine as so many mods do. It will be interesting to see how things turn out for this.


I miss Sins


Same folks that made Stellar Impact, so my expectations for this are through the floor.

But I’ll still play it.


Brian Rubin, Dreamcrusher.


I liked Stellar Impact personally, even if the game was kind of clunky.


It is about time. I’ll probably be getting this unless it just gets HARRIBLE reviews.


So is it fair to say that just about anyone with 40 cents and a stick of gum in his or her pocket can now license the Warhammer universe?

I can’t wait until Mr. Smart gets his mitts on it.


Very excited for this. I wonder how they will handle boarding actions? 40k wouldn’t be 40k without some incredibly high tech almost sentient vehicle with immense firepower… which is then used to get close to the enemy so they can be hit with a sword.


Why? It’s still around and it runs just fine on modern computers.



Lols. I never really got into Battlefleet Gothic, so I didn’t know this was how it worked… But I’m also looking forward to anachronistic broadside battles and other shenanigans. I really hope it has an engine somewhat like Homeworld so it’s possible to manage 3d fleet maneuvers with relative ease.


No vastly overpowered Necron tomb ships, no sale!

…okay, maybe a little sale.


Sins is pretty fantastic with the Star Trek Armada 3 mod. :)


I can’t remember if the Necrons put in an appearance in the Gothic books. I’ll be re-reading both books anyway just to get in the proper mood for this game. So excited for this one.


Necrons appeared in some supplementary material… Maybe white dwarf, maybe the little magazine they had for battlefleet gothic, can’t recall which.


I love that mod but both it and the Star Wars mod have a habit of CTD’ing after 10 mins to an hour, across multiple versions of Sins too (GOG ver of Diplomacy and Steam ver of Rebellion), and despite numerous re-installs and searches ive no idea what does it.


RPS First Look


Downloaded this recently, and I have to agree it’s quite nice. For a more “vanilla” mod, I like the Enhanced 4X as well.


Teaser trailer that shows no gameplay.

I was waiting to see a crewman on the foc’sle, with sword in hand.


They didn’t give off the impression of size very well. These things are miles long, cities in space.