Battlefleet Gothic: Armada


I have learned a lot from watching this guy on twitch. He tends to broadcast late evening PST.


Boarding is a broadside ability; keep in front of his prow.


He makes this game look freaking awesome. I don’t think I can ever micro like that though!


I take it i’m the only one who has had problems with the priority mission in the story line that has you doing data recovery on the attacker’s side? Or is nobody doing the campaign?


I’m playing the campaign.

Are you on about the one where you steal the Hand of Something?

Use light cruisers, go for the escorts and clear those, don’t steal the data until a few seconds before you can port. Make sure you have shield up so they cant steal it back whilst the warp engines are powering up.


I’m not sure, but is it a requirement that you win that mission, or any one particular mission? I got lucky and was able to steal it back after getting it restolen, but I did lose a later priority mission and while I was duly chastised and saw my Eldar threat level increased, it wasn’t like it was a fail state.

I should have won that mission, but I desperately rammed an escort into the Eldar flagship, which did a fair amount of damage but less than I could have inflicted as it pushed my target out of range of both my Cruiser and its torps. It had only a few hull points left, but warped out in the nick of time.

This game is awesome, as I love the ramming maneuvers. I was protecting some defense stations at another point from Ork attackers and one of my light cruisers started nosing an Ork cruiser away from its target, but then an Ork light cruiser came in line so I turned on the afterburners and smashed enemy cruiser into light cruiser. My LC took a pummeling, but mashing the Orks into each other was a moral victory if not a tactical one.


I think I’ve failed about 2/3 of the story missions. I had the same problem stealing the Hand - it went back and forth a bunch of times and they escaped with it. Failed the Ork escort one too. And after I lost the hand there’s a “protect the damaged ship” mission that I got all the way up to the “we’re about to warp out, almost there!” point when too many Chaos ships for my 4 to handle just blew it apart. I’m liking it a lot but by the Emperor it’s really tough at times (and I’m probably super bad so far).


Finally kept the documents after about 10+ tries. It was a combination of keeping two LC close to the target ship, waiting until the timer was almost up, using shields, and a little luck.


I wonder how many people struggling are those that didn’t buy in early, and how many struggling less did. I think my 8 or so skirmishes before the game released and thus starting the Campaign, really helped my success.

I will state that one of the skirmishes I lost was against the Eldar and that is the same race I have my only campaign loss against. I appreciate a game with enough depth that practice is key to success and that has such a difference between races.


I bought in early. I have no problem killing stuff, but the mechanics of data recovery are obviously wonky, especially against the AI.


I’ve just been playing Skirmish but I got my first data recovery mission. It probably didn’t help that there was little to no instructions on the specifics of how the mission type worked, but I was completely confused why/how I lost. Most of the other missions have felt pretty good to me, but I found this type to be initially confusing and then annoying. It’s definitely my least favorite.


Here are some approaches to that mission:


Yeah, I’m not sure watching someone with APM like that is going to help me much.


You can make up for that by using show mo.


I think he over micros. He clicks way more than he needs to, but maybe that is in with the philosophy keeping a ridiculous APM always so that when you need it you are ready.

The instructional stuff is what I gleam from watching. APM means not a hoot when I am playing against the AI in a campaign or skirmish and can use tactical cogitators all I want. However knowing the ins and outs of skills, factions, and tactics really helps. He goes into “tutorial” mode fairly often and breaks down tons of useful stuff.


I tried eldar after watching that guy’s videos. That tactic is extremely effective, but very micro heavy.

Also the instant 180 ability sometimes bugs out and does not move the ship at all which is annoying and potentially fatal.

The AI is also really dumb at handling it so you have to COMPLETELY micro it.

Also, as far as i can tell the upgrade that increases pulsar range by 3,000 does nothing. This kind of makes lances a good counter to pulsars, since they have higher range. I’m not sure whether to be happy about this or not to be honest. It does seem like it could be overpowered if eldar could dodge in to 9k range for a second, do high damage to you and then just disappear.

I can see eldar requiring very high APM if you’re playing without slow motion.


Finding Orks to be disgustingly hard to beat. Fucking infinite health, feels like I’m shooting nerf bullets.

Also, the number of ships enemies get in skirmish. I’m 3v7 right now. Seriously?


Maybe someone here can explain the difference between Custom Game and Solo Skirmish? They seem the same to me. I was hoping that I could start a game in sandbox mode, but it doesn’t appear so.


Custom game allows you to Customize everything like type of battle, points allowed, opponent, etc. Skirmish is random.


Thanks, I like the game but since I don’t play multiplayer this game has little replay value for me. For the other single players out there like me, this is a good game and you can most likely put in anywhere from 10 - 30 hours into the single player aspect. If you like this sort of game and can live with playing the campaign once then get it or wait for a steam sale. From my observation and what belouski said the custom and skirmish are basically the same thing and are there primarily for leveling up your Admirals for use in multi player games.