Battlefleet Gothic: Armada


i’ve still played a number single player skirmish missions as a single player fan myself. It is similar to the campaign, but without the campaign map and story stuff. Still enjoyable and lets you play the other races.

I don’t think the game is a must avoid if you just play single player but i do think the $40 starting price is accurate.

I really wish they had made campaigns for the other races, even if it didn’t make perfect sense from a lore point of view.


I really hope they add some kind of galactic conquest. Basically take the exact campaign map, remove the “player is always imperial” restriction, and boom.


I agree, that’d be great.


That was what I originally thought custom game was, but I agree take the campaign map and let us choose the faction to play, even if it meant the Imperial controlled the whole map and the other factions had to take control away from them.


You guys weren’t kidding about the difficulty, I lowered down to easy. So far its really good. :D


Chiming in late here, but I thought I would say that I too am having a lot of trouble with some of the stories in Campaign Mode.

I find myself re-playing (meaning re-loading from a save) a great many missions before squeaking through. I think I did the ork escort mission five times before I managed to beat it, and the data recovery mission three times.

I find that I don’t mind so much - these early missions never seem to last more than a handful of minutes, win or lose.


I love this game, but it is very tough. I’m doing a Let’s Play for the campaign and I have lost a few big time missions. I didn’t reload most of them and have taken the penalty. I wonder what the hell is going to happen in the end?


I’ve been keeping an eye on this, watching McMaster’s play through and anxiously awaiting Tom’s, but the difficulty talk is kind of a turnoff. I am not good at RTS games generally speaking - at some point they always start having too much going on in too many places for me to manage well. But I think WH40K is kind of a riot and it’s been fun to watch, so I guess I’ll hold out for more opinions before I pull the trigger myself.


What kind of ship/upgrade/skill/favour/crew combos are people using?

I’ve played 30+ battles in the campaign (normal), and my favorites so far are:
Supercharged void shield + Taunt
Ship with lots of macro cannons (Dauntless, Dominator) + Armour-piercing ammunition
Micro warp jump + Improved augur array
Additional void shield generator (especially for lighter ships)
Void shield transfer (once I realized that the shield of the source ship isn’t reduced)
Adeptus Astartes + Additional teleportarium (duh)


It’s definitely a difficult game. I also don’t do myself any favors by playing the Eldar, a race I’m distinctly unsuited to play. But they’re Eldar, so of course I have to play them.

I suck terribly, but I still have fun with it. I don’t play the campaign, though.


I love the Eldar, but I’ve been finding that the Orks have a similar style without being quite so unforgiving. Specifically, my aim is still to cut through enemy formations, but it doesn’t matter if I happen to run into an enemy ship. (In fact, it’s something of a bonus.)


Is this game in fact spaceship pinball simulator?

Certainly as Imperials, I started finding things much easier against the AI once I adapted ramming as the one true way.


That is one of their strengths. Try that with eldar.


Playing this game blind on Ironman is superfun, very tense. I have failed two “story” missions so far and I think I am on turn 13. I intitially was going for a Carrier fleet but even with two heavy cruisers with flight bays, they just seemed very limiting, especially in time limited missions (which there are many), I could see them being decent if you had time for a battle of attrition, but trying to di Assassination missions with them was pain in the ass, especially vs Eldar who seem to have some outrageous tailgunners on their ships.

Reconfigured fleet to be more gun based, opting for the range and accuracy mods for most my ships and its much easier. Though now I am starting to think in terms of roles. May reconfigure Light cruiser to be fast-taunters… to screen transports and taunt/lure away enemies, and may opt for some power-ramming heavy cruisers.

I also updated my Sword escort ships with range and accuracy, these lil bastards will put out some hurt, and if you set them to autofire “brace for impact” and “repairs” they are pretty much fire and forget and live a decent amount of time.

But after my re-configuring, I am running a serious deficit of renown, so may be a while. Cant even use the favors from the different Empire faction dudes. Good times!


Orks just do it better!


If you have a microphone, I hear you get bonus damage from ramming if you shout “WAAAAAAAAGH!” when your ships are about to hit.


Devs posted a new update. Summary:

  1. Game exceeded sales expectations considerably.
  2. Second early adopter fleet confirmed to be Tau since it placed first in the poll they were running.
  3. Tyranids were second in the same poll and “won’t be left behind”.
  4. New features to be added soon include team chat, improved regional matchmaking and custom games against friends.
  5. After that, Space Marines, ranked matches, an Elite system for single-player skirmish admirals, 2-player co-op vs AI with progression, and pre-set behaviors.
  6. Distant future, Tau, multiplayer leagues, fleet painting, new skills and more elaborate player profiles/stats.


Oh wow, that all sounds awesome! Really looking forward to those updates.

I admit, I had no background with the Warhammer or 40K tabletop games. My first exposure to Warhammer 40k was with the original Dawn of War, but I immediately fell in love with the setting. It’s my favorite setting, bar none, and is one of the primary reasons I became interested in this game.

So while my exposure to the Tau and stuff is pretty limited, they were my favorite race in Dawn of War, which caused me to look up more info/background about them. This is just my lengthy way of saying “Woo, Tau!!!” I guess. :)


Yes, but you don’t need a microphone if playing Imperial Navy. You just solemnly chant a litany of faith or affirm that “it is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself”, and righteous destruction follows. The God Emeror hears all. I guess that Gork or Mork guy needs teknolgees.


See, now I’m interested, since I’m all for the greater good!