Battlefleet Gothic: Armada


Citizen, your expressions of affection for the vile xenos has been noted, logged, and categorized as a Type-56b Heresy.

You are directed to report to the Textile District, grid 9, lot 34. Proceed to the third choir level, tier 23. You are to sit in the Blue Chair and await further instructions. Failure to comply with this order or other incidents demonstrating unwillingness to remain in the Emperor’s Light will result a permanent censure on your record, a small fine, and disintegration.

-= The Emperor Protects =-


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I didn’t realise you could lose the campaign until I hit end turn just now. I lost too many planets I think.


How many planets did you lose? I’m 18 turns in, and have lost 10 planets. I think I just saw a bug as well. A very painful bug. I finally killed my first Nemesis ship and I didn’t get the 500 Renown it claims they are worth. I really need that Renown as it is super expensive to do anything with a Battleship. An upgrade is 400 and a Favour is well over 1000, depending on your relation with that service.

The campaign has become something of a grind. I’m winning most of my missions (I think all my losses, but one, have been against the accursed Eldar), but the story is unfolding very slowly now. It looks like the next challenge may be taking out multiple Named enemy ships. I’d faced one before and it did a number on me, so that was one mission I lost against Chaos.

I’m still liking the game, but I wish they would develop the Campaign a little more. A barebones structure to run the other races through would be good enough. I would like to play the Orks, but I’m not sure if Skirmish will be able to hold my attention.


The design really seems to pander to people who love grinding. And the campaign feels like a bit of an afterthought - it’s just a load of skirmishes strung together with basically no custom content it seems. I’ve got to the point where I beat each encounter trivially because the AI doesn’t understand concentration of force.

If you want to grind and play MP I’m sure this is great, but otherwise it just seems like a huge waste of a really nice spaceship naval combat simulator.

The Imperial ship balance does confuse me, unless I’ve misunderstood the system. The cruiser broadsides just seem crap in comparison to everything else.


Haven’t really tried the campaign, cruiser broadsides are NOT crap, but you have to design the thing to do that specific thing if you want your money’s worth. As for the campaign, haven’t played it much, looked nice though.


The thing with macro-cannon broadsides is you don’t see each individual shot taking a giant chunk off the health bar, but over time it wears it down pretty quickly.

Or maybe Aceris is thinking of the light macro-batteries? These only do 36 damage per minute, compared to 90 for the regular-size ones.


Bigger broadsides, with the extra range bonuses and whatnot adds up to a shit-ton of damage, particularly Eldar pop very fast when faced with this…and I can fire up to 9k :)


Inviting friends to custom games has been added with today’s update!


So this means co-op with progression in AI skirmishes is still being worked on?


spess mahreens trailer :)


Reporting in… my copy I bought from GMG before release, was a indeed a version that comes with the Space Marines chapter. :D

Guess we will also get Tau also for free once that comes out.


I’ve tinkered around in the game and had a lot of fun with the battles, despite me being terrible. I really liked that there was persistence/customization between matches for SP. Did they ever get that set up for MP coop skirmish?

The thing I was wanting more of is a metagame in multiplayer (I’m talking in context of playing with a friend or two, not random matches online). Some sort of campaign mode to tie the various battles together.


IIRC, the MP co-op skirmish went in a patch or two ago.


Total War: Warhammer has stopped me completing this, but kinda disappointed in that even though I have a battleship and fleet of cap ships, I’ve found that if I really want to win a turn with ease I choose 2 (3 if mandatory) Dauntless light cruisers and as many maxed out Sword frigates as i can use. The swarm beats all.

If you play it normally. If you ram the swarm into the hapless enemy its even quicker, but I didnt like the aesthetics of what any Brits would know from the playground as a “Bundle”


The time it takes to reach the main menu after clicking Play in my Steam Library is 2 minutes and 12 seconds (17 seconds for the four non-skippable (pet peeve!) splash screens and 1 minute and 55 seconds for the remainder). That’s outrageous! I’ve never played a game in this day and age that takes that long to load, including Might and Magic Heroes VII. Does anyone else experience such long load times?

Note that the times I listed are for the third time launching the game after install.


You can usually just rename the splash screen files to get a game to skip them (change the extension to a non-existent file type). Since the game can’t find them it bypasses them, or at least it does for any other Unreal engine game I’ve played. Sadly can’t do anything about the other 1:55, though.

…Steam\steamapps\common\Battlefleet Gothic Armada\BattleFleetGothic\Content\Movies\Splashscreens


Thanks for the tip!


Tau Empire is out!


And is free for those who bought early or the first little while after release, so even better!