Battlefleet Gothic: Armada


Had hoped it would be more like treasure island, battle at Procyon and less sins of solar, but both are welcome I guess


A gameplay trailer popped up over on PCgamer!


PCgamer news post:


yeah, it actually looks amazing! I never heard of it before this, but I am a sucker for anything GW related. They just seem to have the “awesome” design down and do things I don’t see in any other games or IPs.


I am skeptical even after seeing the video, as I did not see any sword combat. :)


sword combat?


I used to have the board game and I believe the swords are the fighter craft of the imperial fleet.


I’m a bit torn - it does look amazing, and Battlefleet Gothic must be my favourite GW game I never played… but I agree with playinwithknives that the sense of scale seems a bit off. It all seemed too fast! Hopefully there’s a speed slider :)


Real time? Pausable, I hope.


So more news. It seems pretty cool.


NASA needs to adopt that aesthetic. The current off-white blandness is, well, bland. Think of how much easier funding would be if you could show stuff like this to Congress…


Yes! 5 trillion dollars and this is what we could have!

I think I might pre-order. :S


I pre-ordered a few days ago, as GW was 10% off on Steam.

Edit: gameplay vids look ok, other than ropy collisions/ramming.


There is almost no real gameplay on this out there. Thus i can’t justify $36 for a game i know very little about that is a pretty unique concept, even if i am a huge warhammer 40k fan.


Some Q and A:

“We also decided to add an insubordination system in the game in order to show captain’s moral. If you throw captains into desperate fights, they may tend to fly away from the battlefield against your will. Fortunately, there’s an Imperial commissar on every ship awaiting for your order to execute coward captains.”


The Orks, Eldar, and Chaos fleets will all have Imperial Commissars on board? Hmmm. ;)


The Orks might have a few stashed away. In the pantry, anyway.


Recent Chaos trailer was good, I do believe I will pre-order soon, once I pay a few other bills.


I am very interested. The universe plus sci-fi naval… yes please! I just am a little worried at how little real footage there is for an “early 2016” title.


There is finally some actual meaty footage on YouTube as Angry Joe did a preview with the developers. My worry has dropped off a great deal. The MP beta starts today for pre-orders and is supposed to have at least some AI skirmish potential.

For the God Emperor!



I watched a few Twitch TV rounds now that the beta is live and… praise to the Emperor, this looks good. Both multiplayer and single player (skirmish even) has progression tied individually to Admirals that are locked in their modes. For example your “easy” skirmish Admiral/ fleet can’t move to “hard”. You also can’t grind up your admiral/ fleet in easy skirmish then hope to take him online to stomp. The game looks both fast enough to be tense, but also slow enough to qualify as naval paced. Seeing that spread of torpedoes move in as a cruiser tries to full burn out of the arc or having that upgraded captain pull a hard turn special maneuver just in time to fire a full broadside then ram is so cool. Criticals, system disables, repair orders, temporary withdrawals, boarding parties, teleportation, wreckage as terrain, executing cowardly captains, sensor mind games, etc are all present.

For those not familiar with Battlefleet Gothic, it is a Warhammer 40k (well 30K actually I think as it’s during the Dark Crusade I believe) space based naval combat game set on 2d/ tabletop terrain. Battlefleet Gothic Armada is a video game that from my eyes and others’ reactions is faithful to the tabletop rules. Watching it actually makes me want to hunt down some of the tabletop stuff. The game is RTS on the slower side of pacing. So it’s not turn based and it’s not Starcraft. Single player has a slow time feature. You build a fleet based on points for deployment and winning gains points that are spent on fleet abilities, options, ship slots, classes, etc over time (note, it’s single purchase not ftp or anything). This also means retreating from a match with what you can before total defeat is a valid concern.

The game will have Imperium of Man, Chaos, Orks, Eldar, and as a pre-order/ DLC later Space Marines. The beta seems to only have the natural enemies of Imperium and Chaos. So you will need to decide if you fight for the eternal light of mankind or serve the dark gods. It seems Imperium specializes in raw armor, shorter range cannons, torpedoes, bow locked Nova Cannons, and ramming. Whereas Chaos ships are fast, strike from very long range with laser lances, have a whole host of tricksy abilities, and can specialize via which god you wish to serve.