Battlefleet Gothic: Armada


It is rough though. This is a real beta and not a modern day “beta” that is a demo.

For example. once you click go to battle and it allows you to select your units to bring to battle, i don’t think you can back out of that screen at all. So you have to start the game and then quit it.

Also the units are extremely limited unless i’m missing some way to unlock them. Each side has one light cruiser with two loadouts and then one escort with 3 same’y loadouts.

So i played a few skirmish games and then i put the game away. I don’t recommend anyone take the fact that this game has a released beta out in to account when deciding whether to buy the game or not.

Also i feel like the graphics are worse than i saw in developer playthroughs, even though i’m on epic. Hopefully that is just because the game doesn’t have the best textures in it yet or something.

  1. Level 1 admiral only has access to the 2 light cruisers and escort classes. You should be able to field 2 light cruisers and 1 escort or more escorts without one or both CLs at admiral level 1. As you accrue levels and renown you can have 6 types of cruisers, battle ships, and battle cruisers (each of these tend to have versions that focus on different combinations of broadside weapons, prow weapons, or launch bays for fighters and bombers). Each ship type can also get upgrades that appear over time (even the basic escorts). For those that just want to jump in with all the toys, it is postulated that “custom battle” is for that, but it is not part of the beta.

  2. There are plenty of good twitch streams if folks just want to take a free peak. Many actually focus on skirmish play. No reason to throw cash at the beta if you are unsure.

  3. I am pretty sure there is a graphical bug dealing with a conflict between in game settings and desktop settings. One forum poster suggested that it is tied to Nvidia and has some suggestions for fixes that I have not tried yet. It causes the textures to look blurry or washed out. I can confirm that when I put Armada in my native resolution that it runs the text off the screen. It IS a beta. There are some problems. While I have not experienced it, I have seen lots of fatal error crashes between match loads on streams. I have had the mouse cursor disappear for several minutes during a match. Still, I don’t regret my pre-order at all. Even if launched as is, I enjoy it a lot. YMMV.

Edit: Set AA to low. I left mine on epic, but set AA to low and things got a lot crisper and lighting is brighter. Probable bug.


So if you get high enough level from doing skirmish missions, you can access higher ship classes in the beta?


Yes. The first Cruiser slot should be super fast. I had mine in the first 5 or 10 games. Less than 2 hours.


Yes, and there are 6 different cruisers to choose from, so its good varity there, and bigger ships can be had after that again. Also each ship is REALLY customizable, abilities can be purchased and added as you feel fit. Crews can be leveled, and there are a few more things I haven’t tested yet.

I’ve played a few fights, not too buggy, I had problems placing my ships once and had to use the auto-place plus one CTD that’s it.


I am, especially considering this game is set to release this month?


Oh i didn’t realize they made stellar impact.

If i cared at all about multiplayer i would be a little worried. I really liked Stellar Impact but it had some connection problems.


I don’t personally think the customization is THAT good. It is ok, but mostly i don’t find the upgrades that interesting or game changing. If i have two ships of the same type, they are going to basically act the same except maybe one has an anti shield bomb and one has taunt. Different types of a size class for light cruisers mostly play the same but have more differnce than the same type. I have not tried more than one cruiser though.

Cruisers seem different from what i can tell by the description. I got the nova cannon one and it seems pretty cool.


Well, if you fight chaos, there is stasis bombs to slow them down, there is upgrades for range, or teleport on your ships so you can get in close quick…chaos can upgrade their speed etc etc.

It means your ships can be purposes to a specific task…chaos hunter ships would have speed, teleport, and slow…anti-imperial ships could be range…boarding, stealth…whatever…

Nova cannon is cool, but has a huge minimum range…its great however for shooting people out of cover with.


Okay, so maybe being able to turn quickly is a good thing after all.



Nice video Tom, but that Renown at the ship selection screen right before battle wasn’t being spent. It was bonus Renown you would have earned if you had chosen to go in with fewer ships. Having said that, I guess you were “spending” it in a way.

Your vid has made me look forward to the release of this game as well.


Yep, that makes sense, Belouski. Maybe it needs a tooltip for the slightly clueless like me. :)

Interestingly enough, making that video made me look forward to it even more. I was pretty lukewarm when I pressed record, but by the time I was done, I had discovered a couple of things that I hadn’t previously realized. I’m much more optimistic now.



In skirmish now have a battle cruiser, 3 cruisers and 5 light cruisers, although I’ve not fielded the lot yet. I’m actually limiting myself now as I don’t want to get too attached to my no doubt soon to be wiped beta admiral.

Anyone finding some of the missions impossible? I cannot defend the platforms, the enemy fleet just ignores my fleet and destroys the platforms before I’ve barely touched their shields. Similarly when you have to stop 6 or so transporters, the map is too small and they are too spread apart to destroy quickly enough.


Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but those cutscenes in few campaign missions in the beta capture the tone of Warhammer 40k perfectly, probably better than any other Warhammer game i’ve played. Really really hoping that there are plenty more of them in the full game. Also, pretty impressed with the AI so far.


Nice vid Tom. I have gone from meh because of the Warhammer curse to the game sitting in my steam cart. I’m getting the Treasure Planet Procyon vibe here a bit. I remember really enjoying that game. Now if only I could get an Honor Harrington type battle game like this…just a little larger scaled.


Nice video. I will watch this one carefully. I hope the single-player skirmish mode works out well. This is a title I would goof around with on occasion, rather than trying to master it.


So, uh, this is a thing.


Orkz soon.
Release delayed to April 21 to allow further dev time.
One additional fleet will be added after release for early adopters (beyond the Space Marines).


Does this have a replay feature like the Total War games? You can’t really enjoy the beauty of the ships zoomed out, so a replay where you can zoom in to a capitol ship and ride it’s tail all game would be great.


It seemed a bit unlikely they were going to make a March release, given that they hadn’t specified a date. :(

Necons or go home. I mean, necrons. I wonder if it’s just going to be a different faction of space marines. Like, you know, the regular space marines have black and red ships, these new imperial guard space marines or whatever have yellow and green ships. It seems like doing a dramatically different race like necrons or tyranids would require a lot more assets and design work than something they now plan to chuck into the game shortly after release.

No replay feature at present. Although the tactical cogitator (i.e. slo-mo speed) allows plenty of time to admire the space porn.



I, too, would like a replay feature, although the tactical cogitator is a great way to solve the orders-while-paused thing.

I’ve played a few skirmish games so far, and I’m enjoying this an awful lot. Broadside combat is too rarely explored in RTSes, and although I do like the occasional 3D space RTS, I’m mostly into this one for the WH40K feel. (Battlefleet Gothic is the kind of tabletop game I would play, if I played tabletop games.)

I had a few concerns about things moving too quickly, but between the tactical cogitators and advancing into bigger ships, those complaints have gone away. I don’t mind if the frigates, destroyers, and light cruisers aren’t especially stately; the cruiser I have as my flagship now is plenty ponderous.