Battlefleet Gothic: Armada


The delay is actually good news. They need to nail down the multiplayer fatal crash bug as if they don’t the game will be DOA. Also reports are floating about that the Eldar need to go back to the drawing board. I would not mind a few balance passes vetted by beta testers as well.

Necrons would be a whole other deal just like Orks or Eldar, but the developers have said that they would like to add further factions if the game takes off. I expect that IF extra factions are added, that Necron would be very high on the demand list.


New patch!!

Bug squashing. Balance changes (including improved torpedoes). Blah Blah. Oh, and 1000% moar dakka! 'Ere we go boyz!

patch notes


Love the Ork related titles for each patch note section. :D


People can say what they want about the game, the franchise, or whatever. What they can’t say, is that the developers are not into the property. Some kind of super geeky cool moments were during Angry Joe’s most recent interview with the studio. At one point during the session the entire room apparently simultaneously recited the litany of the God Emperor in whispered voices during a cut scene. Also when asked the number of polygons on the ships, when the delayed answer came in, the developer said something like he just needed a moment to consult with the Adeptus Mechanicus who is working with the Machine Spirit.

So yeah, those patch notes are geeky cool too. I hope this game takes off or is at least niche level successful. Both for me, and for Tindalos.


I busted this out for a few games last night under the new patch. Oof. My Imperium fleet got spanked around the map by Chaos twice. Those long-range missiles are brutal, and my lance cannon cruiser couldn’t keep up in terms of damage, or getting close enough to fight. (It didn’t help that we ended up engaging in a nebula, which is not a good location for auguring.) I do like very much how losing a battle doesn’t necessarily mean losing ships: in my two victories before running into Chaos, I destroyed two of six ships, and in my two losses, I only lost my escorts.

Haven’t encountered Chaos yet, and I’m beginning to see what people mean about the defend-the-platforms missions. Tough stuff.


I’m so pumped for the single-player campaign in this game. The skirmish AI has impressed me so far, fingers crossed that the strategic AI will be just as good.

Speaking of skirmish, they really need to add a ‘custom game’ mode to it. I am not opposed to the RPG-lite leveling system they have (its especially good for newer players), but there really needs to be a way to just play however you want. I’m actually curious if the upgrade system they have requires it be like this in order to balance the computer player adequately. I’m guessing that the difficulty level that you’re presented with just gives the AI better upgrades to start. Still, you should at least be able to choose which gametype (though its actually more a miniatures wargame right now – basically rolling a dice to start to see which gametype is played).

Overall, pretty impressed with the game. Wish that Blood Bowl was as polished as this.


It is already there, but disabled. Folks seem to think it is just Skirmish minus the admiral leveling system.

I agree. I was really worried about this one, but so far it has really impressed me.


I just had an orc charge my orc ships full on, I teleported out before he hit, and he rammed him self, 6 of 8 ships when kabloi…we both decided he won the battle and I withdrew out of respect for his achievement…


Wow, the Steam forums for this game are absolutely toxic. I think like literally half the posts are direct insults towards other posters. I haven’t played the multiplayer yet, but if its half as bad as the Steam community, then I think I will stay away for now.

The game really is fun, though. The patching support has been really great too – lots of tweaking and balancing already. A lot of the complaints have been about things that are directly related to its tabletop roots. Personally, I really like the punishment for ships getting heavily damaged or destroyed, it reminds me a bit of injuries in Blood Bowl. I think that the lower levels do need some kind of boost though, since losing a ship or two early on can be a bit too punishing.


They took the “In the future, there is only war” tag of 40K too literally?


Although limiting my play due to any potential wipes, I did unlock a slot for the Imperial battleship last night. The Retribution class is an absolute beast.


Is there supposed to be a retreat zone on the map when you’re on the attacking side of the breakthrough missions? I didn’t see a place to go, so I just warped out and lost.


Don’t you have to destroy the space stations on that mission to win?

My favorite mission so far is the convoy one. Beginners may feel like it favors the attacker, but the defender can actually play some serious mind games if they know what they’re doing.


After destroying the stations, the objective turns to ‘get a line ship to the escape zone’.


I liked Tom’s video quite a lot. Given it was in a limited beta barely a month before release projection, though, I think I’ll wait for the final review. it does look gorgeous. Fingers crossed.


Fwiw the beta seems to actually be a beta and not a demo. Namely they are knocking out bugs (some big ones) and balancing. If someone is a fan of Sci-fi naval combat, I just can’t see a reason to not be interested.


Eldar trailer came out a few days ago!


That looks cool, those Eldar ships are gorgeous!

This game is really shaping up to be something special.


Really cool Eldar ships, can’t wait to play with them. I think you can play them in skirmish mode when the game releases, is this correct? Currently having fun playing with Ork ships in beta.


Yep, they’re one of the four playable races: vanilla humans, chaos humans, orcs, and eldar elfs. All three are a fully included part of every game mode. This isn’t Total War: Warhammer. :)