Battlefleet Gothic: Armada


I’ve seen it used in MP, streamers have shown it, but I think it’s considered bad form, real players are supposed to play in real time :D … Personally I hope they allow it in MP, but for a short time, maybe 10 seconds per every 30 seconds of normal play?

In single player, you can play the entire match in slow speed.


This game is fucking cool. That is all.


Agreed. I was a bit worried at first when there were only Imperials and Chaos, but now with Orks and Eldar this game totally rocks! Loving how asymmetrical they are. The holo-shields mechanic for the Eldar (where you have to be constantly moving to keep your shields up) is crazy, and maybe a bit too micro-intensive for me. Really hoping this game does good so that they can eventually put in all the races.


Someone needs to pass an international law banning me from ever playing the Eldar because I’m absolutely atrocious with them. But I loves me some Eldar so much, I can’t help myself.


I suck at everything. I have yet to win any encounter I tried.


I just found this list of tips on their website! Maybe some of those will help out?


Have they got visible battle damage in this? I seem to remember an early gameplay video I watched didn’t really have any. There were little explosions and chunks flying but the ship models themselves never changed, even with messages about turrets being destroyed and things. It shouldn’t really be an issue but for some reason my sense of space porn would be critically hurt without the ships getting blasted to hell during missions.

(this may or may not also be a desperate attempt to talk myself out of picking this up)


Sorry Squee, you might have to get it now… ;)

Hey guys,

This something that is already in the game.
Every weapon that deal more than 5 damages and pass thought armor generate some debris.
If you never saw them it’s a bug.
This was of course implementing in order to represent the blast markers from the board game.



Well hell, that’s REALLY cool. I was just talking about battle scarring on the ship models themselves, but having blown up chunks creating debris fields that have gameplay impact is awesome. Maybe I’ll have to bite the bullet.


Launch Trailer, oh yes, oh my yessssssssss…


Wow, I already bought it, but that trailer makes me want to go to play it now. Waiting for the final build tomorrow though.


That’s a good trailer! Not much gameplay though. :D Fortunate I already played the beta.


I will probably never have time to play it, but I almost want to buy it just for the pre-order through 2 months post release bonus system. That’s got to be one of the more consumer friendly recent distribution/pricing changes.


Same here. There’s such a logjam of good games out now and coming in May, it’s hard to see where I would fit this in. But they’re going to let me wait a bit, read the release reviews and even see how well the gamer community reacts to the final build? Awesome. I’m (probably) in, eventually.

Totalbiscuit’s review also got my attention.


If the wallet can withstand the punishment, the thing that I’ve liked about this game is that it’s very easy to consume in bite-sized chunks but it still has the long-term metagame to tie it all together. I’m still early on, but wrapping up a skirmish in under 5 minutes has been doable. It’s been a fun game to fit in between other games or life responsibilities.

I normally don’t really enjoy the bite-sized kind of games, I want something a little more lengthy and meaty, but the metagame of building your fleet and customizing your ships has covered that part for me, thankfully!


FYI all it seems there were certain retailers that only will offer this pre-order bonus option, them being STEAM , Gamesplanet, and the official Focus Home store. If you bought the game anywhere else , you will NOT get the pre-order free stuffs (Space Marines and 2nd free faction). This info was apparently just released to the public? WTF!

Massive rage post on the forums here :

and here :


While I understand GMG is often thought off as different, I think people should start thinking about where they purchase their keys for things like this, and what, if any, impact it has on their game purchase, and whether the discount, if any, is worth it.

Hell, if you look at the GMG site for Armada, there is no mention of the free DLC.


While this is true, since the Steam page doesn’t have anything like “Exclusive early adopter bonus limited to these retailers!” and of the 3 things listed for the early adopter edition are the 2 DLC fleets and access to the beta (Which access to the beta was included elsewhere, like GMG) I could absolutely see why people would figure it was the same across the board.

In fact I’m kind of glad I talked myself out of picking it up, because I most likely would have grabbed it from Amazon and would now be pissed off.


yeah, I do understand why some thought they would get access to the DLC for free, from other places. Focus Interactive didn’t help either with their marketing, but that is sadly how marketing works - Tell enough, but not all.


Guess I needed a reminder why you shouldn’t pre-order. :D