Battlefleet Gothic: Armada




What I did is kept all my ships to one side in deployment , run my line ships full speed ahead to intercept the ork pirates (there are 2 group of pirates, one on each side, so if you keep to one side, you only have to deal with one group at a time), while keep moving escort ships up towards exit. Ork ships will beeline for escorts, so pound them with all the long range weapons if you have them, I was using a nova cannon cruiser with torpedo light cruiser for this mission, once in range, just keep pounding the Orks. once escorts are in battle range, run them full speed ahead towards exit, without engaging them in firefight. I was able to save all three escorts and only killed one Ork ship and be victorious.


Might nit be what you are looking for, but:

Interesting ipad reading either way.


I thought i was smart in the 2nd mission. I hid my transports in a cloud. The enemy magically knew where they were anyway and went from the other side of the map to attack them, avoiding my combat ships which were searching for enemies.



To get it the cloud, did you go in silent mode, or cruising speed? Unless you run silent, they would have saw a blimp go into the cloud. Or the AI cheats…


Also, i had three convoy ships alive (although one damaged to about 1/3) when the last enemy ship managed to warp away but the end cut scene said i lost one :/


how do you go in the silent mode? Is it in the speed control section, I don’t recall seeing silent mode.




Silent running is one of the commands at the top of the ship command buttons on the far right (like focus fire or reload).


It is also too limited for that transport mission anyway. It only works for 45s (IIRC), so it runs out before I can even get to the cloud. I couldn’t tell if the orcs could see them or not.

What is a little bluish blob/sphere thing with a red circle around it? It wasn’t a mine, those are huge things. Whatever it was, I tried to avoid it, but it blew up anyway.

I think when battling the orcs, I need to try to two things. First, get in closer with my line ships. I am knocking their shields out, but not doing any damage to their hull/armor (not sure what the line above the ship represents). Second, not target any orc ships, but concentrate on where I want them to go. Try to lead the orc ships and stay in between them and the transports. When selecting a ship as a target, the orcs just run get too far away as my ships are trying to turn to keep them at range.

I am having fun with the game regardless. I think once I learn it, it will be really great fun.


There are lots of tactical options. I swear the more I learn about the game the more I am amazed at how much is hiding under a veneer that to so many of us gamers looks like a RTS of yore. Which is almost a disservice to what was done with this title. This is doubly so considering I even appreciate the tabletop roots of the game.


Completely agreed.


Is there a good intro video (series) somewhere? I’m getting crushed almost everything I do. I just about scraped through the first convoy mission on my fourth attempt, but anything other than that data retrieval mission, including the very first skirmish battle, seems to be beyond my tactical acumen.


This guy did a bunch of videos, you’re bound to learn stuff:


Well, that was a frustrating mission.

I steal data from enemy. Another enemy ship immediately steals it back.

My assault is not up. Enemy warps out. i lose the mission.

So dumb.


Nice. It happened again.

I stole the plans and ran away. The enemy starts warping. I think i’ve won so i keep running. Then the enemy steals them back right before it warps out, right after i stole them from them.

How is it even possible to win a data recovery mission when the enemy can just take the data back instantly and then your assault is on cooldown?


And the enemy appears to have almost no cooldown on their boarding ability.

When the data carrier blew their lightning strike on one of my escorts i was happy, thinking i won. However when i then stole it from them, they again, instantly stole it back.

I think this mission type is nearly impossible. I’m not happy.


It’s doable, but you need to have several ships with the board ability, and after you get the data, manage to keep your ship away from the enemy. It’s certainly not easy, depending on what faction you’re facing.


You want to disable their ability to board. Damage their generators so they can’t Lightning you. That may also knock out their regular boarding ability? You don’t want to steal too early, unless you have some contingencies planned for holding onto it. Or, I could be blowing smoke and just got lucky.


You only have 3 minutes before they warp away and the max points is 300 (which is 2 ships with assault ability). The enemy is chaos (basic speed is faster than imperial navy i think) and frequently running from you, so catching them is hard.

The enemy also has roughly 1 cruiser and 3 light cruisers. Luckily they are kind of spread out most of the time, but you don’t have a ton of time to disable the carrier or else the light cruisers will catch you and then it will be impossible to win because of all of the enemies with boarding ability.

I think it might be possible if you get lucky and the carrier spawns way away from his allies, but i’ve had some games where he spawns next to them too.

It just seems like poor design.

if there were less enemies or i could bring more ships with boarding, i think i could reliably win by just playing hot potato until the enemy ran out of boarding actions.

If the fight duration was longer, i could just try to destroy enemies.

However with the current requirements, once i cool down, i’ll probably try cruiser and light cruiser. Then i will reload until i get a very favorable enemy position where it is possible to win. Then i will rush the carrier until he gets to the corner of the map and the ai just stops (the only way to catch him since he is faster than anything i have). Then i will steal with cruiser, get stolen from and steal with light cruiser. Then the light cruiser will warp away.