The single player (and co-op) is all the usual RTS campaign stuff, except the 12 player co-op which is like 3 4-player co-op maps but the objectives in each map help out the other maps. For example, one of the 12 player co-op maps requires each of the 3 teams to capture a point on the map. On the way, besides the normal NPCs on the map, there’s several portals that spawn big baddies. There are little buildings spread around the map that, when destroyed, stop the spawning of the big baddies on the other players’ maps. There aren’t really any “MMO” aspects, you have a persistant character that levels up and whatnot, but it’s not really much different from other RTS ranking systems.

I’m not sure if I should describe the multiplayer as a rush boom turtle RTS. When you play a spell or when a building/unit is killed, 90% of the power costs of that card are put into a void pool where the power gradually feeds back into your power pool. So, if someone rushes you and you kill their units, they’ll have a decent chunk of that power they spent back by the time you’re near their power wells. They’ll still be at a disadvantage, but there’s no economy, so they haven’t hosed themselves for the rest of the game trying to beat you in 3 minutes. Plus, there’s no fog of war and you summon units instantly, your opponent will see your early game strategy immediately and act accordingly. If you try to rush, they’ll notice and simply save up their power to try and counter it. If you fast tech, they’ll either do the same or attack while you’re low on power and can’t defend it so well. Destroyed power wells and monuments don’t refund void power, but you can rebuild your destroyed monument at a discounted price. Losing a monument and rebuilding it forces you to spend a lot of power that you’ll never get back, so it’s a permanent disadvantage. I suppose the rush boom turtle concept does exist in some form, though it doesn’t really last past the first minute or two.

After that, the strategy of the game revolves around deck construction, managing your power efficiently, forcing your opponent to power inefficiently, and the usual micro.

There’s no way to get new cards by playing single-player/co-op.

I’d just recommend you try the demo and play some PVP to get a feel for it if you’re interested in that.

Single player is not an RPG. You don’t level or get gear or anything- well okay you do level but not in the way you are thinking- its like ranking up in DoW2. I used the reference to Guild Wars in that its kinda like that in that you go through missions (solo or with a friends) and try to get card upgrades as loot like you would go though looking for new skills in GW. No you don’t get actual new spells/cards you get upgrades for cards (that hopefully you have).

Its not really rush, boom, turtle in any way that I think of that phrase because its not a skirmish. In PvE you are playing scripted missions where you have to usually go somewhere and defeat some big encounter. That is why I compared it with a MMO “raid” in a sense. You will keep going into these missions looking for the right upgrade to be dropped/ awarded to you as each mission has its own loot table (like a dungeon). You might want that green card upgrade while another guy is looking for the shadow one (similar to a druid wanting his stuff and the mage wanting his). A lot of missions force you to divide your forces and hold do multiple things at the same time on a map which causes some chaos and a deciscion on where to put how much of your population/ energy.

The core mechanics ARE RTS though. You make units. Put them in groups. And mouse click your way around.

The “card mechanic” is a pretty big factor though. You are basically creating a custom faction with custom abilities when you build your deck. It would be like:

“Hrm, I want the Oggley Boogly faction for DoW for when I play. with this race I will have Guardians that have sniper rifles, I want some tactical marines with Big Shootas and a Heal aura ability, and I want Shirken Platforms, and I like the burrow ability…” Then take that “race” into a game.

As to getting new cards. You get the 3000 BF “Space Bucks” and that is it unless you buy (with money) more points. This does get you a lot of cards though. Thats all I had in the beta and I had a pretty good collection. Also you get some pretty important faction defining cards garunteed in the starter decks. EA has been pretty firm and it does not look like they will ever change the way you get cards. 3000 points to me felt like 1 booster box of a Magic the Gathering set. You should have almost every common with a lot of multiples, a pretty large portion of uncommons, and will have a smattering of the rares with only a few ultras. Each booster box past the first gives you much less return, but it does add to your rare/ ultra count. I would say the same seems true of BF.

By the way, if anyone wants to duel, drop me a line.


Are you enjoying the game? I’m this close (imagine my index finger and thumb separated by 1 micron) to running out the door and purchasing it.


If you really want a single player experience, do not even bother, of course. And most random coop scenarios devolve into everyone shooting off in their own direction. I still need to do some dueling.

But there is a kernel of a really good idea here, and some very cool units.


so anyone wanna post their char name here for friend list building? I’m Grimnuz, and this game has got me bad. Add me for duels, multiplayer, hell even trading. I have a shit ton of cards I can trade/sell if you don’t want to go on the auction site or buy boosters.

I don’t have the game, yet, but my name’s GrimmReaper; feel free to add me. I played in the beta, though, so the name’s reserved under the email address I used in the beta. Sweet!

I’ll likely pick up the game tomorrow, since I am weak when it comes to resisting RTS games.

A CCG RTS is something I’ve been wanting for some time. Having completely missed any info on this, can I buy a retail version of it and would it have any CP on it (seeing as this is from EA). Or is there another method besides EA’s service to buy it.

Direct2Drive is selling it for $50. But you can get it at Target for $40.

It’s not listed in Target’s ad. Is it an unadvertised special?

I’m TroyG if anyone needs a friend.


Got it for 39 at target to.

What the…? Did the shelf tag say temporary price cut or something?

Nope price on it was 39 and the tag under it was 39 :)

My in-game name is MoodyShuffle.

I think I’ll wait for some reviews and a bigger sale before picking it up. My backlog is still full from the Steam Indie sale last week. Has there been any info on post game content, Such as a time frame for new cards and such?

Battleforge forums are reporting that Direct2Drive is giving out beta keys instead of real keys so you probably don’t want to buy from them for the moment.

What a darn fine game, and GOD i really suck at it :)

haha At what are you sucking? Also, which two sides have you chosen for your primary deck?

Yeah I’ve really made a 180 degree turn on it. As I play my demo deck and look into it more, I’m pretty impressed. Now I worry about lack of PvP opponents, which for me will the only type of play I’d be interested in.