Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


Officially announced.

And that’s it. Just the announcement.


Man I can’t wait for the 100 dollar dlc


I submit this will likely still be better:

Especially when you add this masterpiece:


Is this the first videogame reboot sequel that used the exact same title or numerical designation?


They’re adding a campaign this time around, but what I want to know is whether it will have dedicated servers a server browser.




Looks like more BF from what little is shown. I assume the stuff with the woman at the beginning is the tease of a single player component. I’m sure EA is saving most for E3.


The full reveal at SW celebration looks actually…promising?

-Full single player campaign that will be official canon for SW nerds.
-revamped multiplayer with actual space battles
-Ditching the season pass EA?

Never could get excited about the previous one bedsides the really good production values but this sounds really good?


Space battles huh? Guess I have to keep an eye on it…


Full trailer:


@Jason_Becker So there will be no season pass, confirmed?


That looks incredible! Seriously - is no one else tearing up a bit about how damn beautiful this is, and how damn privileged we with gaming as a hobby has become? Its like the whole world is suddenly catering to our most base desires and gives us AWESOME video GAMES, based on AWESOME scifi MOVIES! How crazy is that?

Anyways - this looks very very interesting, and I really enjoy the strong female leads we get in triple-A games these days - Can’t wait!



Looks more hypeinducing than the Last Jedi trailer. I just hope the campaign will be nice and meaty, not just the standard 4 hour affair. And would be nice if we could buy it separately since I just do not care about MP, so I would have to wait for discount alternatively.



A Battlefront game with a single player campaign is an intriguing idea. Hopefully it’s not like the multiplayer game, and just more of a regular single player FPS campaign.


I’m going to blow your mind!

Just joking ;)


Why would that blow my mind? I don’t get the joke. I played both of those. Neither of them had a single player FPS campaign. In both, single player was just multiplayer, but with bots, basically.


I guess I should have only quoted the first sentence of your post, but there’s no salvaging that joke at this point.