Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


I’ve read and heard the campaign is either pure shit or great. :D


Ya just like microtransactions and loot boxes brought us base games for free… you are crazy if you think that all this loot box fuckery means lower prices down the line.
All this means is that more and more game systems will be coopted by monetization schemes. There was a time when you were called crazy if you complained about cometic microtransactions and now we have the same discussions with real gameplay systems and yet again we are at the point where one group thinks that’s okay because it doesn’t affect them (too much) yet.


I think I’ve read three reviews already that have used “visually stunning” to describe the graphics.


The game’s ongoing revenue comes from microtransactions, so even giving it away completely free would make some money. I don’t think they’ll do that, but it will certainly provide a strong incentive to depress the initial purchase cost after the 3 month launch window.


All games get less expensive with time, what has that got to do with microtransactions? If anything the last few years have once again shown that more money in the pocket’s of devs/publishers doesn’t mean it will benefit the games or the gamers.
All it does is further fuel the greed of those people which is why we have reached this point in the first place. Sometimes I worry what will be seen as “acceptable” in 10 years from now.


How was my reasoning unclear?


If the gaming community wants to change the microtransactions bullshit model they need to boycott this game. This is Star Wars and EA, it doesn’t get any more AAA and big budget marketing tie in as it gets. It’s a perfectly timed and marketed launch.

So they are expecting massive sales. If people boycott it could change the industry. If people buy it anyway we are all screwed, it will send the message we like loot boxes to unlock gameplay.

This is the game, this is the time. Reddit gave us a huge negative backlash publicity that all the major news outlets picked up. The question will be, will gamers do anything with that momentum, or waste it?

I love Star Wars but I hate this design decision. I’m boycotting.


Gamers overall have always had a strong sense of entitlement. Maybe in the earliest of early days, when developers were single individuals selling zip-lock bagged games from their cars, it might have been reasonable to expect developers to be in it for the love of it. That ceased to be true, oh, about a microsecond after it became clear there was a good deal of money to be made in this business. From that point on, companies are in business to make money, not make game per se. Nothing wrong with that at all, but people still act as if somehow games are supposed to be first and foremost some sort of social service, rather than commodities.

I can only assume that EA knows its financials and knows its business. That is, all the stuff with microtransactions. loot boxes, and what not must be making them money, and hence are good business practices for their stakeholders. Why on earth would they stop doing this? Unless, of course, as others have noted, gamers actually stop paying money for stuff they say they loathe. But that’s been a constant in the gaming world, too, forever. Gamers say they they will boycott this or that, but they always (in the aggregate) cave and buy anyhow. Until that stops, no company is going to plug up the revenue stream.

I too would rather have a return to games as self-sufficient products rather than services, for the most part. I’d also like to see in-game transactions, DLC, and all the rest toned down dramatically. But it ain’t gonna happen because it works, plain and simple. Otherwise, it wouldn’t happen.


I can almost guarantee that even if every Redditor and forum poster follows through on their vows to not buy this game or cancel their preorders, it would be a tiny minority of the audience. Even with all the complaints about a lack of content, the first game sold gangbusters.


I figure that if there are whales enough for Star Citizen, good money says that all the protests will mean very little. People are going to open their wallets.


Listen to me, people:

The game is GOOD.

Yes, EA has had crap messaging and the loot box thing is … uh, there… but the game itself learned from all the problems of Battlefront 1 and it’s a damn blast to play.

Sure if you hate Battlefield style big open map, lots of players simulaneously active games aka “oh noes I died again because there were a lot of players on the map shooting weapons” you won’t like this. But this game is freakin’ SOLID in a way that BF1 was absolutely not.


It is good, the campaign, the MP even. I had a level 18 guy with me today and he got shot and died. Imagine that, his cards meant nothing.

The thing is gorgeous too. I’ll wander away from the thread now.


Woof at those reviews.

Having only played a few hours of the beta, game looks and sounds great! But the loot boxes and cards system was confusing and it sounds like the finished version isn’t much better.


The only thing I really object to in the cards system, is getting stuff that you aren’t playing. They do have the 3 classes of boxes you can buy with the in-game generated credits:

  • troopers
  • starfighter
  • heroes

So you can kinda pick one of those areas to focus on at least.


Sorry guys, I know the loot boxes and all are not a great thing, but a big budget single player Star Wars campaign? I have to buy it…


Have heard that the campaign is good.


I heard it was good but 5-6 hours, less if you skip collectables/secrets.


But it does sound like they’ve cut it up to release throughout the next year, since there’s more coming mid December. :P


True, remains to be seen how many and how beefy each additional campaign mission will be.

Maybe in a year we will have a decent 10 hr campaign.

In loot crate news here (reddit post) are stats on a carded up a-wing apparently destroying regular players:

20% better evasion, higher rate of fire and 30-40% more damage.


Blizzard is clowning on Battlefront 2 in their Twitter today for the StarCraft 2 F2P release.