Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


Umm yay?



1 year later…


bots yet?


Just about time to announce Star Wars: Battlefront III.

Totally without loot crates. But you can buy midochlorian boosts for only $19.95 to make you invulnerable for 5 games.


It’s had a bots all along, just not for the epic battlefield modes. But you can run deathmatches against bots to your hearts content!



Not for the large battlefields? That’s what I’d want them for because playing this against real humans isn’t very fun when you’re constantly insta-gibbed.


On sale for $4.49. Finally buying this one for the single-player.


Was the single player any good, I never bothered with it.


Not really. I mean, it’s the best single player Star Wars first-person shooter experience that came out last year.


Some people said it was better than The Force Unleashed one and two!


It’s a bit more than twice as expensive in Europe /grumble

Thanks god there are free and easy to use vpn at this point. Bought with a bit of spare money I had on Paypal. I read apart from the sp campaign, it also has 20 mp maps and bots, so at least it has content…


It’s not a terrible campaign. It just doesnt land any of the emotional hit it’s going for.


In other words, an Electronic Arts game.



Battlefront II is also available now through the EA Access vault if you have that subscription ($5/month, $30/year)


For now it is kind of decent… I mean, the story and characters. I liked the situation of the story, just at the end of Return of Jedi with a empire soldier that doesn’t know what to do anymore, I liked the intro of the heroine, extracting from a rebel ship in a badass way, I liked the part with Luke and how it showed how one of her men is starting to doubt in the cause…

I have more problems with the gameplay. I wouldn’t even classify this is a shooter, it’s a shooting gallery.
-No ammo management (they have infinite ammo with the heat system)
-No weapon management (you can only use a single main weapon)
-No health management (health regeneration)
-No exploration, levels are too linear for that, there is no backtracking, no other elements like puzzles.
-No emphasis on movement, the difficulty, enemy spawn, weapon accuracy and game design is tweaked in a way that is better to stay behind cover and ping enemies at mid range. I tried a few times to get the scifi shotgun and stay in close range after some tries it was clear it isn’t designed for it.

So if you don’t have any of that, what is left? The shooting. Therefore, shooting gallery.


Yeah, same here. I played the campaign as part of the 10 hour demo you get as part of EA Access, but I didn’t end up playing even 3 of the 10 hours because I got so bored with the gameplay in the campaign. The story did seem intriguing, but the gameplay, level design, weapon design, etc just made the moment-to-moment play of the campaign pretty plain. It’s like the opposite of the Destiny games, where the moment-to-moment gameplay is excellent, but the story is plain and boring. I clearly prefer the latter combination more than the former.


Well there’s flying a TIE fighter and an X-wing.


These parts were admittedly pretty cool and made me long for a Tie Fighter 2. If one day I’m a billionaire, I will do it goddamnit.


Sorry, @TurinTur, but Tie Fighters aren’t real. Even billionaires can’t fly them. Star Wars is a fictional story.