Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


slowly backs away


And yet I enjoy this far less. Glad I didn’t pre-order as I’m gonna give it a pass after this beta, and I kind of liked the first one.


This happened to me, you need to reinstall origin. It doesn’t actually take that long. Your games won’t be wiped.


This actually makes the game look pretty dull.


Got it working doing that but I stand by my statement.


Heroes need to lose the regenerating health, I don’t recall it being in the first game.


I like the game and the beta convinced me to pre order. I have massive connection issues though. Looks like I am missing a ton of crates from the challenges I did yesterday.


They didn’t have regenerating health in the original. They just had gobs of health compared to a regular dude.

I really enjoyed the beta. The space flight stuff is a lot of fun though it took me awhile to get comfortable with it. I finally turned off the advanced controls because I was really struggling with the dual stick implementation of rolling. That was especially bad on the Naboo map above the city. I actually liked the design of that one in the sense that it has a very specific focus to each section but I think they should’ve looked to the original for inspiration. The whole NTT thing should function like Walker Assault. Finding a specific on-map bazooka is not consistent with Clone Troopers who would be ultra prepared to take that thing down. The droids crack me up, though. The Roger Roger stuff never gets old. :)

I adored the original game and while this is definitely different, I’m in.


There’s no physical version of this game to pre-order? What the heck is going on?


Final thoughts on the beta:

Darth Maul on the Theed assault map is ridiculously overpowered. His double-blades in the dark confines of the doorways and halls of the palace are crazy effective. I saw multiple matches with a Maul player just buzzsawing their way through the opposition. He either needs a nerf, or they need to do something about the bottlenecks in that building. Even just improving the lighting in there so his blades aren’t a blinding red whirl of doom would help. Towards the end of the beta, it really became a race to Maul.

Han Solo had to have been the worst hero of the beta. Plinky gun, sucky health, and an ultra attack that required positioning. They really cut him down from the first game.

Rey was decent although nowhere near as good as Maul. Boba Fett remains a strong all-around hero, but he mostly shines outside the palace where his jetpack gives him the advantage of the vertical attack.

As I got deeper into the beta, the card system really started pushing back on progression. I can definitely see how in higher levels of play, there will be pressure on players to buy their way forward. I’m not a fan of how they directly tied progression and unlocks to the loot boxes.


I think some of the big publishers don’t let Amazon sell preorders for physical copies due to the Prime discount they were giving. It was upsetting other big retailers I guess. So now if you want the physical copy from Amazon you have to wait until release day (and you’ll still get their discount at that point).


That’s crazy, and the first time I’ve seen it. Are they doing that to Best Buy too? They offer 20% off all the time with Gamer’s Club Unlocked!

I’m paying for that discount. Electronic Arts consistently finds ways to upset me. What the hell?


I could do without heroes who don’t belong there chronologically. Han Solo and Rey shouldn’t be selectable on Naboo.


I played and mostly enjoyed the beta.

I also am concerned about the star card stuff. It is super pay to win at the moment. Like game breaking bonuses for those who pay to get higher cards. Almost second guessing my preorder.

Some of the stuff you can stack is crazy.

Totalbiscuit discussion on issue


Yeah, I mentioned that earlier. I hate that, but I also understand that it’s the ultra-nerdy side of me that goes nuts about it. To be correct, they’d have to make a young Anakin and Padme hero to replace Rey and Solo. I guess it’s outside of their production budget to make unique heroes for maps.


It seems Eurogamer also saw the loot crate issue:


This sounds awesome to me.


Is it really ultra-nerdy though? They did a fine job in the first game of matching up the heroes to the maps. Padme could play like Leia in the original. Anakin plays like Rey, etc. The game does a great job of giving players a sense of place within the Star Wars universe and then throws it out with chronologically incorrect heroes? It’s kinda dumb.


I think so. I haven’t really seen many complaints about it. (Technically none outside of you and me.) Most people were just jazzed to play Maul or Rey regardless of their correct place in the saga timeline. Casual fans don’t care and shooter fans are too hung up on balance issues and mechanics to worry about thematic inconsistencies. From the comments I saw, most people thought the battle took place during Phantom Menace because that’s where they know the location from despite the presence of clone troopers.

Plus, if you really want to get nerdy, Maul shouldn’t be there anyway - at least not with his Phantom Menace outfit.


I suppose you’re right. I guess I just really enjoyed how the previous game made me feel like I was there. Those battles and maps fit perfectly alongside or within the universe already established. When you start messing with that, I think it removes some of the appeal of the game and why it resonated with me. The Star Wars universe has this great sense of place, a lived-in world that seems to have a rich history. You start messing with the timeline and it sort of spoils it.

Ultra-nerd confirmed I guess?