Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side

Clone Commandos
More single player stuff
PvE co-op mode
Rise of Skywalker content coming in Dec

I should play this more. It really is a great multiplayer game.

Are the space sim parts worth playing just by themselves? And was it this game that had a space sim-specific expansion pack, or was it the first Battlefront? I was tempted to get the game just for that when it’s been on sale for $5 or whatever.

There are no separate expansions or DLC for this, other than maybe some pre-launch exclusive cosmetics. The spaceship stuff is very arcadey, but pretty.

As @Telefrog says, the space stuff leans more arcade than say TIE Fighter from the DOS days, but it definitely retains that exciting Star Wars feel you got from those games. There are Battlefield-style objectives in there too. It’s a really good time.

I am gonna download the 77gb again, been a few months since I played, lots of changes and additions in that time. Lets see how long until I rage uninstall it again. :)

I never removed it from my PS4. I have it on disc though so it might not be as large on my hard drive.

Was that the pride and accomplishment one? Or am I thinking of something else?

By the way, I did download install and play this, its a lot more fun than it was at release in a casual star wars pew pew kinda way.

Looks good, Battlefront 2 has turned out to be the best supported game with free content (GaaS) by DICE/EA ever.

Of course as we have seen, Anthem and Battlefield 5 using the same GaaS setup have suffered greatly as a result of this. My guess is that EA is going above and beyond what they normally seem to do, to not lose the Star Wars license.

Dude, that looks awesome. New co-op play, and finally capture mode with bots. I hope they thought of split screen gaming in this update, as that’s the meat of the game for me. This is awesome!

This game has a sense of place that few do. If you love Star Wars, this one puts you there like no other. I really need to pull this out again. It also has me even more excited for Fallen Order from Respawn.

I’m a little late to the party, but I simultaneously adore and detest the experience. It’s beautiful and (as mentioned above) does a fantastic job of transporting you into the Star Wars universe.

But for all its wonderful locales, I feel like it falls flat in terms of providing situational awareness. This is particularly a problem in the space-combat sections, where I’m just as likely to collide with the scenery as admire it.

So yes, it’s an experience I can’t get elsewhere, and I appreciate that. But also, I’ve been spoiled by games where awareness and movement enhance the experience rather than detract from it.

I like this game a lot. However, I nominate the starfighter control scheme as worst control scheme of all time. A year in and it’s still not intuitive for me. I understand how everything works, it just sucks. I can’t track enemies for shit, I crash into stuff all the time, it’s just horrible. Completely unplayable for me, and I’ve tried many times. This is from a Battlefront 2 (old school) veteran. Supremely disappointing.

Ground game is great, though!

$39.99 and you get the game with all the free DLC and every customization they’ve released.

Or $24.99 for the upgrade to existing players.

December 17th for Rise of Skywalker content update to everyone.

How generous of them, for cosmetics , most of which people who did play since release already have earned. This should have been a $5 good will offering for people who bought at release to flesh out what they were missing.

This is a preview of how they will handle Anthem.

That’s 3 days before the movie comes out. Hopefully that means the content will have no spoilers.

Awesome trailer fyi