Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side

I always thought Battlefront games were designed as meatgrinders in multiplayer on purpose? That way people get lots of kills and then get to be their designated Star Wars Hero.

Then… they should just play one of the modes where they can choose their favorite Hero, directly, without any grinding?
Also, you don’t really obtain lots of points in meatgrinders, you die as much as you kill.

OMG spoiler!


I don’t know why they don’t make a playlist with all the game modes with a smaller number of players. The 16 player ‘Rush’ mode, the evacuation mode which is a decentish Payload game, the Ework mode that is kind of cool, etc.They all are better game modes but they have the problem of being almost empty at this point.

Also, omg OP, upgraded heroes are the worst. Any semblance of balance is lost because of them. They are worst than most CoD killstreaks.

I’ve had a quick go courtesy of gamepass and I have to say I like it. It’s just a lot of fun to see 20 stormtroopers hoofing it through a forest. Enjoyed it more than BFV I think, where I saw fewer people but died just the same, then had to slog back to the action before dying again. It might be something as basic as the runspeed I’m enjoying. I won’t play it much as my sub is expiring but it seems like a nice addition to the Origin Gamepass thing.

… and now I tried out the botmatches I like it even more. I know retro shooters are in vogue and this is like a prettier Unreal Tournament. It may or may not have depth, but it feels good to be able to move. I have a feeling running in this is faster than flying in Anthem will be.

All these updates, who is still playing this?

This game is really damn good. It’s such a shame they botched the launch so badly and became the poster child for lootboxes. Without that, it’s probably among the top multiplayer games, period.

It’s $6.24 on PlayStation Store right now if you have Plus.

Apparently the single player was crappy in terms of gameplay mechanics (boils down to a gallery shooter on rails since you basically have no ammo) but it the story worked moderately well for me when I watched it on YouTube.

Clone Commandos
More single player stuff
PvE co-op mode
Rise of Skywalker content coming in Dec

I should play this more. It really is a great multiplayer game.

Are the space sim parts worth playing just by themselves? And was it this game that had a space sim-specific expansion pack, or was it the first Battlefront? I was tempted to get the game just for that when it’s been on sale for $5 or whatever.

There are no separate expansions or DLC for this, other than maybe some pre-launch exclusive cosmetics. The spaceship stuff is very arcadey, but pretty.

As @Telefrog says, the space stuff leans more arcade than say TIE Fighter from the DOS days, but it definitely retains that exciting Star Wars feel you got from those games. There are Battlefield-style objectives in there too. It’s a really good time.

I am gonna download the 77gb again, been a few months since I played, lots of changes and additions in that time. Lets see how long until I rage uninstall it again. :)

I never removed it from my PS4. I have it on disc though so it might not be as large on my hard drive.

Was that the pride and accomplishment one? Or am I thinking of something else?

By the way, I did download install and play this, its a lot more fun than it was at release in a casual star wars pew pew kinda way.