Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


We all knew there would be RNG loot boxes, cosmetic items, crafting, buying credits, etc.

Unfortunately, it seems there will also be gameplay boosting items in the crates. No direct pay2win, but the more money you sink into buying crates, the more chance you have of getting good stuff.


EA: “I just happen to have a chance-cube here. Blue—it’s a Star Card. Red—crafting parts.”


Why? I get that it’s all the rage to let people go wild on loot crates. Fine. I mean, it’s not, but that’s the world we live in. But why gameplay enhancers? If any franchise could get folks to rabidly chase cosmetics, it’s got to be Star Wars, right?


Alpha testing soon…


Yes, but this is EA. Why limit it to just cosmetics? Not putting temporary damage boosts or extra bonuses into the loot boxes is just leaving money on the table, right?




Welp, it’s got spaceships, guess I have to play it.


Yoda the space fighter, lol.


Seeing it from the outside doesn’t make it any less goofy.


Actual space battle gameplay:


Thats fing awesome.


As weak as the first Battlefront was, DICE looks like they have responded to just about every criticism of that game. Between the space fights, single player campaign and ditching the season pass this is climbing to just about the top of my play list for this fall’s titles.


Yeah ditching the season pass alone is huge, because that shit is still crippling the BF1 community… though there is this BF1 Legendary thing now.


I suppose they are ditching the season pass because they have calculated they will obtain more money with loot boxes!


I love the pitch to disgruntled players of the first game:


I skipped the first one (third one?) but I may need to give this one a try. Some of the locations look so much better than in the previous one.


I was quite disappointed in the first one, and I’m still not sure about this one but hard to resist a nice looking Star Wars game.


Still trying to wrap my head around EA letting go of the season pass.


The reception to Battlefield 1 compared to the massive amount of money games like Overwatch is raking in without map packs or a season pass, has been a real wake up for EA/Dice I think.