Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


Side question - is this game setup for 4k & HDR on the xBox One X?


I’ve heard it is. And it supposedly can pull 90 FPS at 1080p if you go that route. It’s supposed to be ‘acceptable’ at 4k.


We need to award a Noble prize to the redditor who created the thread that started this all.

Or, at the very least, give him all of Wumpus’ crystals.


4k only unlocks once you hit level 20…



Man, this is great. Now all you plebes are locked into stupid boring normal game progression, while I, being a superior person of means, have already jumped the queue into the VIP line and I can now proceed to utterly dominate you with my… tiny smattering… of blue cards … in a few classes. Fuuuck yeah.

Like John Romero in his salad days, I’m gonna make you my Star Wars bitch!


Are they really getting rid of microtransactions? That’s incredible. Looks like this might be going on a Christmas list!


I’m wildly speculating they’ll move the crystals to be used on cosmetics. They did say they wanted a lot of cosmetic things.

They’re gonna need to seriously raise credit payouts per match, though.


Aussie poster on ResetERA is sad now , as he wanted to unlock everything on day 1.



Damn. The PR on this was a total shitshow.


Yeah it was. But it wasn’t really PR’s fault. They didn’t design the game.


Oh snap

[UPDATE 2] VentureBeat is reporting that EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke with Disney CEO Bob Iger over the phone today before the Battlefront II changes were announced. The report doesn’t mention what they might have talked about, though a chat about Battlefront II’s loot crate system seems more likely than discussing plans for the weekend.

I imagine the conversation went something like this:

Iger - Star Wars is the crown jewel in our IP. Its image has to protected at all costs. This is making it look bad. This is making us look greedy. This is diminishing our most precious asset. Fix this now.

Wilson - Yes sir.


I feel so empowered as a consumer. If only government listened like Disney listens.


Bob Iger had to have heard about the issues with the game. The news made it to CNN, BBC, MSNBC, and other mainstream outlets. Disney is not a partner you want to piss off, and the social media narrative that “Disney’s Star Wars game promotes kids gambling” is not the kind of PR they want.


Being CEO of Disney makes him one of the most powerful CEOs in the world. On top of that, there’s rumbles he may run for president in 2020. You don’t fuck with Iger.


Sorry I don’t believe it. There may have been a scheduled call but the idea that the CEO of Disney really would spend his time bitching to Andrew Wilson about one his his properties video game launches seems a bit of a stretch. I mean whats the over / under financial difference to Disney if some Star Wars game fails? Worst case maybe $10m or $20m this year? (assuming they have a 30% cut or something like that).

I doubt Iger gets out of bed and pisses for that kind of money.


That’s not the danger. The thing Disney would really be concerned about is damage to the Star Wars brand, or worse, to Disney itself. I cannot stress enough how bad the “kids gambling” and “looting boxes manipulate children” aspect of the stories today were.

Did Bob Iger actually bitch out Andrew Wilson? Maybe not, but I’m not ruling it out.


That was not the kind of press you want when you have a major Star Wars movie releasing in weeks. It was starting to suck the oxygen away from what should be a triumphant moment for Disney.


Let’s put it this way, analysts were considering downgrades of the stocks. That gets CEO attention. This is a game and a contract worth at least tens of millions of dollars.


I think you guys are really overestimating how much the CEO of Disney cares about or gets involved in the details of their licensed towels, candy, video games, blankets and toys.

I mean have you SEEN the shit they will happily sell the rights to slapping the Star Wars brand on? Nobody cares. The brand integrity ship sailed a long long time ago.

The new movie will do great assuming its good, there could be a dozen crappy* Star Wars games that launched the same week as the new movie and it wouldn’t make any difference.

EA cares, sure. It could make a difference to their Q4 results. But Disney? Nah.

All IMHO of course, I have zero inside information.

*not saying this game is crappy, indeed by all accounts it is meant to be rather good.


We will never know for sure, but I credit Big Fucking Mouse. Kids Online Gambling is a potential PR nightmare for Disney.