Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


Well they adjusted progression balance once already and said they’d look at it further. The game only just came out. So there’s hope!


I suppose. Their ‘balance’ was that you get something like 2% of your score in extra credits after a match. It needs to be more impressive.


Most impressive.


Does the console version have auto-aim? Don’t think PC with controller does.


Battlefield 1 does so I would be surprised if this didn’t. That’s how I go rambo with the martini henry.


The sourcing on this is the WSJ.

Citing a person familiar with the matter, the Journal reported that recent online backlash over the game’s post-purchase monetization model had been noticed by Disney executives, with CEO Robert Iger himself said to be “alarmed.” Disney head of consumer products and interactive media Jimmy Pitaro was said to express his concerns to Disney this week, specifically the company’s unhappiness with how the controversy was reflecting poorly on the Star Wars brand.


Welp. Looks like I was utterly wrong then :)


THIS, hell I’d pay $100 for everything unlocked and be done with the grind already.


My son is currently going to school in Edinburgh, Scotland and saw Justice League tonight. During the trailers before the film, Battlefront II came up and the theater gave a resounding chorus of boos and an occasional “Fookin EA, mate!”


So I just browsed through 40 post above and it’s all about the microtransactions. When are you guys gonna tell us if this game is fun or not? :)


The point is, they pretty much ruined the fun. Wait for the next one.


Lies, I have been saying it is great fun (albeit choke point heavy) for tons of posts above.

But it is only fun because I paid for $200 of amazing, game-changing abilities that give me a massive advantage over the proles.


That does not sound fun to me, especially since my current addiction is Tom Clancy’s The Division, which was just so excellent in terms of gameplay and level design. I tend to draw comparison and some of the videos I watched of SW: Battlefront 2 does not give me the comfort that this game can top Division.


People still play The Division?


Yeah, I do. It’s great. They just had a huge update probably a couple of months ago (1.7). And 1.8 is coming soon with new maps and stuff.


I fully believe this…

After 5 hours of play , I am very much disliking the randomness of star cards in loot boxes, the extremely slow handout of credits and scrap, also the space zones are all newbs vs people with 3 star cards getting double digit kills per single life. After so many hours, I have yet to see anyone other than myself with an ion rocket launcher. Which I had to buy the card with the meager scrap I’ve gotten so far. (Because hahahahaha if anyone thinks the card drops are anything you want NOW, they will not).
The ion rocket launcher does a massive 100 damage to flying ships that have what? 500hp?
Then the flyers using pinpoint accuracy and 40% or whatever more damage/rate of fire, they tear up all infantry on the ground.

This credits/lootbox system is the worst implementation of player character progression that I have ever seen in a multiplayer game.

I am almost level 9 (my player rank) and I’ve unlocked 2 weapons from lootcrates. And… AND!!! I already got a dupe of one of them in a crate, which gives a massive 200 credit payout for having a dupe.


Also who in the frack thought it was a good idea to have NO WAY AT ALL to vote for maps.

Positive things:

I will say the heroes vs villains mode is fun, for the hour I tried it. There is a weird world of balance going on here, where Yoda seems easier to kill than Lando Calrissian.

Campaign is ok.

OVERALL: I do not recommend this game, I will be amazed if any of my friends who wanted me to get this are playing a month from now.


The only way to get that many kills in my experience is to equip the bounty hunter card that gives you more combat credits, get a bunch, then whore heroes and heavy/rocket trooper.

This is a highly HIGHLY asymmetric game. It was never fair because sweet jesus, Jedi vs troopers? Like that is even a contest.

You really should have pre ordered to get the one purple epic card per class (and for two heroes). Why that isnt called pay2win is beyond me because that stuff is wayyy better than anything I got in $200 worth of loot crates.


Were heroes on timers in the first game? Or was it that their HP didn’t recharge? I don’t recall people having them for so long in the first game.

As they are right now they are so OP in the 20v20 mode its not funny.

IGN video review out today (6.5!!!):

Also the game has dropped below 70 on opencritic:


my hope for a fun game - DASHED!


Hmm let’s check Metacritic and see…

Yep that seems about right.

I’d actually argue 73 is very solid considering how many reviewers were hating the shit out of the loot crates such that they couldn’t talk about anything else, like, is the game actually good? And it is, if a bit grindy-to-level-20 but then welcome to any battlefield game.


Just launched a multiplayer game… fucking Naboo/Theed right off the bat. Also, MVP stats for that match, the 5 player “victory poses”? Every single one of them was a Wookie.

There you have it.

I also think hoth is pretty much unwinnable as the Empire. Of course then my team gets brutally raped, like 30+ kills for top 5 players on the other team and ours was max 12. aaaannd raped in the next round as well. and the next one. Guess I’m quitting that “server”, though I have no real choice. Man it is super bad tonight. Nobody playing objectives worth a damn. I guess because it’s release day and all the new people are out in force?

WAIT! I get it now! The only way you lose tickets as the empire on the first stage of Hoth is when the two walkers take damage! Oh my god! No wonder that part was so hard when the idiots on my team were not doing squat to grab the rocket launchers and/or use the speeder vehicle leg attacks! This also explains the near-impossibility of actually destroying two walkers, as a gameplay function. I kept wondering why anyone would bother attacking the walkers at all, it’s way too hard anyway, we’re never gonna accomplish that… just whittle down the enemy soldier tickets prior to next stage instead seemed like a more sensible strategy.

This explains sooo much.

Oh geez is this also true of the other “attack the giant vehicle to start” stages? I realized you can win by blowing the giant vehicles up early, but I had no idea the subsequent ticket count for the next stage was only set by the amount of vehicle damage. Holy crap. Mind blown.🤯