Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


You really can’t see the massive difference between a 1-on-1 competitive fighting game, and 20 v 20 games with soliders versus… jedi? Those are wildly different scenarios.

Its 5 v 5 player limits, and fundamentally different teeny-tiny maps with objectives game design, also says “hi”.

Look, I’m not saying EA didn’t fuck up here with messaging and choices, clearly they did, but to look at this game and say “this should offer a perfectly level playfield at all times” is just… insane. I mean shit the vehicles alone are massively OP, just like tanks and helis in battlefield… add jedis and upgrade combat classes to the list and it’s designed to be wildly asymmetric. Far more than any battlefield game to date.

In BF1 you could only be a hero via pickups on the battlefield, right? And only one at a given time, per team?

Becoming a Jedi, or hero, or villain as the map and mode allow, comes down to a mixture of luck and knowing where to go and what to do. The key is to locate the proper power-up, which looks like a lightsaber within a circle. You can see it in the screenshot below to get a better idea of what it looks like on the battlefield. Simply wander around the map, looking in the spots where power-ups spawn to try to find this symbol floating in the air.

Think about how that changed in BF2, you can have up to 8 (!) heroes running around the battlefield in this one from what I can tell, four per side. (There can’t be duplicate heroes running around, plus some semblance of balance.) You buy them with combat credits, which you get by doing well in combat… and that’s also rich-get-richer as I already noted.


It’s less about a level playing field (neither Overwatch nor Street Fighter 5 are perfectly balanced) but more about being able to spend real world dollars to gain advantage. I apologize if my language didn’t make that clear.

If your fine with paying for in game advantages, go for it, I’m not.


You’re buying time. You can get the exact same stuff by getting to level 20 through natural gameplay.

The only ‘advantage’ is from people who have dumped a few dozen hours in the game. I’ve played 28 hours and I am at level 15, for example.


I disagree that it’s ok to buy those advantages, but as I already said feel free to enjoy it if you like it that way.

I guess I just don’t like wrapping up that commoditization with the actual competition, regardless of the reason. Lots of shooters since CoD4 reward continued play with new, often better, perks and gear. That’s not the issue for me. The issue is the sense of impropriety brought on by allowing people to pay for those things in cash.


Asymmetric is fine. Nobody gives a shit about that.

Buying time sounds much better in theory, but in practice, the game is balanced in the standard F2P manner such that the time investment to match spending real money is extreme. That isn’t OK.

It’s like zero rating and network neutrality. Zero rating sounds fantastic, people get to stream movies on their commute without paying for transfers. It’s only when you look into the implications that it becomes disgusting and extremely dangerous.


You may also dislike this

If you’re just getting into Battlefield 4 today and you don’t want to slog through the process of unlocking and upgrading your weapons and classes, DICE has a solution for you.

This week the developer launched an assortment of “shortcut” bundles for the game, including an “Ultimate Shortcut Bundle” that includes every class and weapon upgrade for $50.

My god, you can buy stuff that you’d have to play dozens of hours to get to in the real game, including very powerful high level weapons and abilities!


Yes, that’s terrible also.

EA, sigh.


I’m not sure. Some of I compare to buying a character boost in WoW. As long as pay-to-play is things you can’t unlock by just the playing the game, I’m neutral on it.


Even if it would take you 40 hours to unlock a single hero, that’s fine by you?

And the whole time you’re playing, some dickhead who paid $20 for that hero is completely kicking your ass?


Very childish response.

I get your point and I normally would happily discuss it, but not if you can’t respond in a constructive manner.


It depends on what I valued more. My money or time.


If you’re willing to pay the $20 for that hero, you’re golden. But the game itself, that is compromised.


It doesn’t, though. I had multiple heroes unlocked from regular gameplay before I did my pay2win $200 experiment. This is just not true.

I believe the most expensive ones are Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker at 15k each? All the others are lower cost.

Nobody seems to actually be PLAYING THE FUCKING GAME like I am, so they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. So frustrating.


Yeah, the cool ones are expensive. Because nobody wants to play as Vader.


Well I can guarantee you, if that’s the specific one you wanted, you could get Vader in 10 hours of playtime tops.


Are the heroes inherently unbalanced too? I’m not sure Darth is that much stronger than Kylo Ren for example, or Maul - both of which are unlocked from the start


Ten hours seems like a motherfuck of a lot of grinding for a single hero. It wouldn’t be 10 hours without the microtransactions, because that’s clearly excessive. And that’s the point.


Some of them seem pretty crap to me. Like Palpatine is all area effects with his lightning, versus Leia with her blaster, and so on.

@stusser you could probably unlock vader from PLAYING THE FUCKING CAMPAIGN. Might need a few hours of multiplayer, I dunno, if that’s just too rich for you maybe… consider another hobby or something? I dunno. Maybe videogames aren’t where it’s at?


My understanding is the campaign rewards 5k spacebucks.

“Deal with it” is a shitty argument. You’re better than that.


Here’s a guy who unlocked Vader in TWO hours, with a corroborating report:

Pretty much the same thing I was saying. Yeah if you want ALL heroes, you have some work. But just a few, or the big one? No problem at all.

Play the FUCKING GAME, or with all due respect, I offer you the same steaming hot cup of shut the fuck up. Because you literally don’t know what you’re talking about.