Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


I sincerely hope this is the new way forward.


I expect the same reaction this time. “Oooh, Star Wars!!, too shallow.” Not that I was in the too shallow camp; I actually really liked the first one as a Star Wars toy box come to life with plenty to think about strategically.


Can’t wait for this, its the only game I pre-ordered this fall. :D


Where does Overwatch make its money? Just on initial game sale? Compared to PUBG? I dunno exactly where money comes from these days in video games.


Both the initial sale and on loot crate purchases. While split numbers aren’t divulged by Act/Blizz, we do know that at the end of 2016, the company said Overwatch (in total) had generated $585 million in revenue.

They did specify that they made $3.6 billion in just in-game content like Overwatch loot crates, Call of Duty Black Market crates, and other in-game sales in 2016.



Me too, and I am really not good at FPS games. At all. But I must do this.

EA - 1, Me - 0.


the previous game had close to 50 (slight exaggeration) separate playlists available by the end of the season pass. It became stupidly hard to find even a single match in any of the dlc playlists and many weapons and abilities were gated to doing challenges in those playlists. Horrible design that literally prevented players who paid for stuff to be able to use that stuff.

In a similar vein I’ve played a bit of Black Ops 3 again lately and after 2 weeks of playing several hours a night I’ve spent easily less than 5% of my time on DLC maps despite me owning more DLC maps than the base game came with. I feel like I may as well have not bought them since I never see them.

Titanfall was the first big game I can think of that just said no to DLC maps to avoid splitting the playerbase and Ubisoft followed suit with For Honor and Rainbow Six and will likely do the same with Ghost Recon’s PvP. Shame EA and Activision haven’t really understood that they would make more off other ways of doing things. They make good bank off enough people doing what they do that they don’t really seem to care if the majority of people aren’t seeing the value.


That cutscene is awesome. With a single-player campaign, this is Day One for me.


BETA is coming… Oct 4th thru Oct 9th.

I have a spare friend key for early access on Oct 4th if anyone wants it.


I had one but I gave it to @Scott_Lufkin, because ha-ha.


I would like it, please PM me


@wumpus PMmmmmed.


I also have a buddy key for the beta if someone would like to claim it. First PM.

And gone.


I was thinking I was getting this just for the campaign, but honestly this is highly entertaining.


Looking forward to trying this tonight, hopefully they learned all the lessons from BF1


What did they need to learn? I’m genuinely curious, this is the first BF-style game I’ve played since um…3?


People had a lot of gameplay gripes about battlefront 1 as I recall. For one thing, they are not doing season pass bullshit which fragments the player base to an extreme degree.


Well they got that part right, at least.


They did a great job here, the original game was pretty but felt incomplete, and this is way more polished, more engaging, and has more depth – heck it has a single player campaign for one thing, but it’s a more robust game in every dimension. The arcade challenges are fun, and the three enabled multiplayer modes are all very solid. I’m digging it.

It remains to be seen if DICE will ruin this game long term with their signature “throw 23 different multiplayer modes in, 20 of which will be ignored, and only 1 of which will be worth playing after launch week” move. Battlefield 1 war pigeons anyone? Yeah.

One thing I’m a little worried about is how good the sniper class is. This is the first battlefield(ish) game in forever that sniper was my preferred class:

  • the “stealth” ability that whips out the SMG and speeds you up while suppressing you from enemy radar is absolutely perfect for getting out of tough spots

  • I am a sucker for “show me all the enemies on the map” modes aka the thermal goggles. I’m not totally clear how but I think you can tag enemies for others? Maybe just have the goggles active and looking, or do you have to click / activate? Anyway, this is a great item of kit because you can suss out where the bad guys are and position yourself accordingly. And you can use it as much as you want, it’s not on a timer!

  • The electric grenade is 🍌s good. It’s area affect and it stuns and it causes damage. Throw it over a contested point and OMG the carnage.

  • The sniper rifle is, unlike the heavy and assault weapons, actually accurate at range and does substantial damage. I think the officer weapon is fairly accurate too, but it’s a pistol so less damage and less zoom. Anyways, if you want to actually hit stuff and not do the ol’ Star Wars Random Blaster Fire Cone o’ Maybe Hitting Something Eventually, this is your huckleberry.

I did get the basic achievement for all the classes, and they’re all interesting, but it is incredibly rare for me to gravitate to sniper classes, I’d almost tend to say your game is kinda broken if I am playing sniper in it.