Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


Yes - but if you base a worldwide sales trend on ONE market, you risk making some wildly inaccurate analysises - Especially if the one is the country undergoing a Brexit. There can be quite a lot of reasons why one market diverges from others.
We will see in their yearly review I guess, but I hesitate to make too much out of one market and physical sales which has become less and less relevant over the past few years - even if it DOES fit the nice narrative of screw EA.


Hey as we have established in this very thread all my analysis is wildly innaccurate :) But sure you are correct one market or even distritbution channel does not make of break a game, I was just pointing out its a big market.


Can we keep the politics in p and r where it belongs. There’s enough Ill-feeling in this thread without a Brexit argument.


Well you got off on the wrong foot then! I came out of that (plus a couple of goes in the other modes) with around 500 crafting parts and 10k credits. ;)

Also I read the Starship Crates are the way to go for crafting parts. They’re cheap and award the most.


I’ve played this game for 28 hours and I just now got my first play of starkiller base. I was like WTF I’ve … never seen this level! Pretty cool one too.

There is a metric ton of content here.

I’m trying to get the 150 minutes of playtime medal on all the core classes to begin with, so far I’ve gotten sniper and officer. It’s kind of hard to tell which abilities are the most effective at the moment, but I do feel like the officers pistols are crazily effective in the 10v10 blast mode.

Also check out the graphics improvement. On the right is Chewbacca in BF1, on the left is Chewbacca in BF2.

video version


Its not Candyman, but sure - I’ll try to stay clear of the B-word, and instead use something else, if it becomes neccesary.


Yeah that’s funny hey. Maybe they have some rotation system that picks the same few maps every day or so? I’ve not played as much as you, but had Starkiller a bunch of times - only just saw Kashyyyk for the first time last night, and I’m sure there’s more I haven’t seen yet.

That’s my strategy also, get those low(ish) hanging rewards first while also trying out the classes properly. I’m not far off having the Heavy ticked off.


Chewbacca is a chump. Yep, I just said that. Come at me.



The mini-chewbacca, the wookie that isn’t actually chewbacca, is VERY good if you get the upgraded health and regen. As I mentioned earlier this should probably be your first priority in card upgrades. Applies to all bruisers.

Did you guys notice these maps have morning / night / evening / fog weather effects, inherited from Battlefield 1? I was playing yet another map and it was like, uh, is this … a different map? No it’s the same map, but at night.

Some of the ability cards are really effective. Did you know the recon infiltration ability shows all enemies on the radar? Super cool to use that (it also speeds you up), zip to a good place to engage, then camp out. There’s another card that lets you share radar data with friendlies.

That shield ability the officer has is FANTASTIC for protecting objectives where someone has to sit there holding down the G key. Take advantage of it.

Here’s what you get for the 150 minutes as a heavy class crate, for example


Just got my 150 minute Veteran Heavy Crate, got the blue shield upgrade.




LOL I think everyone’s cards just disappeared…!

Server issues of some sort I guess, no scores or points at game end either.


Yeah something weird was happening for me last night, every time I’d connect I was in offline mode.


Everyone was still connected and playing, and global chat lit up in panic… cursing, demands for refunds - you can imagine the chaos… ;)


First official patch notes:

Seems the patch has broken all star cards along with people now receiving ZERO end of match credits. I can sense the pride and accomplishment in this patch… GJ DICE.


Game fixed - everyone is on equal footing in-game now. Except now no-one wants to play without their cards. ;)


Gamespot finilized their review. 6/10

This bit:

Recently, EA removed all microtransactions from the game, and while that seems like a change that would be for the better, many of the rewards and systems in place have not been altered to make up for the lack of paid options. This has not only resulted in fewer options for people, but has made the overall grind in Battlefront II a necessary chore.






it’s lumpy!