Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


Seems Microsoft wants this as a XBONE timed exclusive for as long as possible.


You probably ruined their optimal gold farming technique when you revived them, so they won the game out of spite.


This genre is interesting, but I would never play it because I suck at FPS and have a heart defect. Plus, I don’t remember much from my one semester of Mandarin Chinese.


@YakAttack no question these battle royale games are stressful as hell, particularly if you survive to top 20.

I went back to playing Battlefield 1 after a few days going all-in on battlegrounds and holy SHIIIIIT I was so much more effective! Whereas I was a total rambo player before, now I find myself sticking to cover, watching my angles, waiting to attack until I was fully reloaded and generally hung back until I knew areas were safe-ish before rushing in.

I was blown away by how much better I was doing in BF1. All that creeping around and watching for danger around every corner is Battlegrounds is stressful all get out, but man it sure teaches you to be a more effective combatant.



Are you sure that’s the video you were looking for?


Pretty sure. The whole “CHINA NUMBA ONE” thing is a meme at this point when it comes to Battle Royale games.


I just heard it last night… again.



Ah. I thought you might be looking for the other one, where people actually shout China #1 over and over.

Not that I don’t like listening to people being accused of sexual relations with their own Grandparents.


Oh, I’m sure there are tons of em out there, that one probably would have been better in retrospect.

Shit-talking Chinese guys are pretty great though.




I’ve decided while playing with @Becoming this weekend that I’m no longer playing PUBG unless I’m drinking. At least that way I’m enjoying myself even if the game is boring.

I might do a few tryhard solos as well, but it’s been more than a week with no strong desire to play that mode. We’ll see if it holds out.

The servers were struggling tonight


I seem to generally kill just as well if I’m drinking or not, so I’d definitely default to drinking for this game in particular.

Plus it makes driving for the squad more exciting!


I think I had my highest rate of kills in that 5 hour stretch of squad games the other night. By the end I got pretty bad though. Haha!


The servers have been total shite for most of the last fortnight in SEA and Oceania.


Got a chicken dinner in duos tonight :D



Had two #2 finishes in squads last night. We play on AS as Oceania has no FPP servers yet. The last couple of nights have felt noticibly…better, with regards to feeling like every enemy we encountered had a laser gun. Wonder if Battleye has been tweaked and is catching more no recoil scripts. A few weeks ago it just felt like every engagement went pop, pop, dead.


The best part about the leaderboards reset is that I temporarily have a positive K/D ratio.

No one can ever take this shining moment away from me.


Get both GCU and a digital code via physical purchase.

I’m Kadath Dreamfire and I endorse this ridiculous compromise. It’s fucking stupid and environmentally wasteful but at least digital purchasers won’t be punished.