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Ya, i’ve run into a few instances that i was absolutely certain the guy/team was cheating.

In one, our team was all killed while behind solid walls. Watching the guys come running to collect our corpse loot, there was at least 2 (solid brick/rock) walls between us and anyone on their squad.

In another, i was in a building and took some extra time to loot it as i had to juggle some inventory. As i exited the building, i was a little alarmed to see that my partner was over 500 meters away. As I double checked where we were going, 2 shots rang out and he was dead. 2 more shots and i was too. Same guy killed us both while we were moving and over 500m apart without missing a shot.

The third was in the final circle, 4 players left, and of those 3 were my squad. My two buddies were in the zone, and i was on the fringe. I was certain our last opponent was just ahead of me on the fringe of the zone. Just before it started to close, i told my buddies i was gonna flush him out. He was right where i thought he was, but as the zone collapsed over me and him, he killed me. ok, well, the zone’s gonna take care of him then, or my buddies will, since i was right on top of him when i died. Well, next thing we see is he kills one and then the other of my buddies from behind them(in the zone).

There’s a few more cases that i’d call suspicious, but those were the three in the hundreds of games I’ve played that I am sure of. I don’t think it’s anywhere as bad as the division was(on a % of population cheating)…and i find the various twitch videos like deersomeone to be encouraging. Just watching some of the random stuff that happens there (extreme range shots, no scope shots etc) helps me understand and differentiate the random from the…not so much.


Hey, you play in a cesspool and its inevitable that you’re going to get involved in some shit.


Went to Intel extreme masters this weekend to watch the pubg tournament with my son. It was a fun two days, and watching the nonpro teams dominate. Reinforces that anyone can be a pro.


Did you have to watch the live feed? It was hard to follow. I’ll probably never get into watching those tournaments. It’s a difficult game for that in general.

Fun fact: if your teammate’s game crashes while he’s running forward, he will continue running in the same direction. Kind of creepy!


I only watched the live feed for the final 8th map, as I had to catch the Bart to get to the airport. The problem with the live feed was two things:

  1. Kill lists in the far left corner are way too small. Impossible to read it on the stream. Live this was not an issue because the screen was 40’ tall.

  2. The “following XXX” at the center of the screen, which should have told you the the person’s view you were watching was almost always (80-90% of the time) impossible to read because the lettering was white and the placement was on the sky, so it was effectively invisible.

Problems in general (both live feed & on the big screen)

  1. When they show the map, impossible to tell any of the teams, so if you were trying to follow a team and see where they set up / where they were going, I couldn’t tell. The icons were meaningless and it was more like watching a flock of birds.

  2. It took them forever to post the results after the 7th map, and they flashed the scores up so fast, it wasn’t really enough time to look at it & see where the break points were. Online at the event, was even worse, because it didn’t even list scores - it just listed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

  3. There was some sort of lag because the shots shown in first person would show them shooting behind a vehicle, when they were obviously leading the vehicle. In general, the reticles didn’t match up to the target.

Interesting things: I thought these guys play a lot different than the average pub.

A. They rarely got into fights until the 2nd or 3rd circle. They really spread out.
B. They are engaging at really LONG distances. Quite frankly, it’s pretty amazing how far out they are engaging.
C. They use vehicles a lot for concealment / cover
D. They are pretty good at taking out vehicles by focusing fire on them.
E. They way they stay behind the blue curtain, intentionally taking damage, but healing, showed a level of thought that most pubs don’t even come close to doing.


Has everyone recovered from the vaulting fiasco? I heard it is glitch-town USA because in the creators words, “the map was not designed for vaulting”


Vaulting is great. I’m not worried.


In roughly 5-6 hours on the test server I saw two dudes floating in the lobby, got roughly 30% better fps and crashed less than the live servers even though they warned it was unstable.

I’m pretty ok with it.


Ugh, I suspect there is going to be hundreds, if not thousands of glitchy places like that Shroud vid all over the map. And with no killcam, they are going to take a very long while to be completely sorted.


Depends. With millions of people playing it’s probably faster than you imagine, but I thought replays/killcam was supposed to be 1.0 as well so perhaps not that long.


Probably more like tens of places. They’ll be posted as gifs and videos very quickly. Gotta get those views.


Yep. As someone who actually tried it, it’s awesome. Can’t wait for 1.0 with that and the new map.


Leaked patch notes for the test server mentioned killcam, so we may find out in the next few days if that is legit. :)

Edit - aha!

Edit Fiesta! -

Lucky for me, I can stay up tonight. FOR SCIENCE!


Good stuff here.


Killcams for everyone too, not just solo. Accessible by all players at the results screen after the entire squad is killed.



I haven’t been playing this game for awhile, but it sounds like jumping back in for 1.0 will be a really good idea.

One of the smaller things I love is that bullets can penetrate water now depending on their velocity.


Agreed. Great find & thanks for posting.


‘Luck be with you, tonight we are eating chicken.’


I’ve played probably like 350 hours of this and there are just waves of cheating. You will be fine for a week or two and them bam it’s like every other game. And then a day or two later you will see a patch. It’s so frustrating and sometimes you don’t know if you totally suck or everyone is cheating.

Couple of days ago I was just getting ganked left and right and it made no sense. Bam patch and all of the sudden it’s back to normal. If I had an Xbone it would be a day one purchase for me just for the cheating angle. It’s just a fun game when crappy people don’t mess it up.


Seems like this is a real performance tire fire on Xbox.