Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


It’s not that it’s popular. If it was popular with only, say, the erudite and handsome types found here at Qt3, then I probably wouldn’t have returned it. I just don’t fancy playing with a bunch of d00ds with names similar to MYCOCKISHUGENORMOUS69!!420NOSCOPE!! Especially if said dew-fueled mouthbreathers are gleefully and breathless OMGOMGing up via streaming.

Pretty much why I don’t play CoD or its ilk, either.


I’m not sure how it is with CoD or its ilk, but in this game you don’t have to talk or interact with anyone in any way. All you have to do is shoot them, so in fact the more you hate them as people the more satisfying it should be to fire 9 shotgun pellets into their head as they loot the building you’re inside.


I have no idea what this means, but I’ve not been bothered by a single person in this game. And all the people I’ve talked to outside of the game have been great.


I kind of understand the gripe. Every aspect of this game seems like it was engineered in a lab specifically to be Twitch-bait. As a result, some proportion of those eight hundred thousand peak players is going to be born out of the worst parts of streamer culture.


Need a copy for my nephew. Nobody selling this less than full retail?


If you mean it’s an enjoyable game to watch and some of the people playing will be streaming it, then yes agreed. Still don’t see why that makes the game unpleasant.




I mean yeah, welcome to any game post twitch era. I am also kind of confused by Scharmers post. I think most people just mute voice chat, there’s no text spam so you will only see those dumb names in the kill feed.

How that’s oppressive in any way while playing the actual game I have no idea. It’s like the idea that there are screeching idiots playing even if you don’t have to pay any attention to them, hear them or be affected in any way is somehow off-putting to him?

Whatever floats his boat I guess.


The steam market for this continues to interest me.

Earlier today the prices reset for the crates and the survivor/wanderer went through the same typical price cycle of a big drop in price once the extra supply rushes in. More interesting was that the gamescom crate was very briefly still available in the game after the price reset. Many people bought them up for 700/1400/etc. BP and dumped them on the market, dropping the price to $2.20. Then shortly after the crate became completely unavailable and it went back up to $3.06, where it is at the time of writing.

If steam wallet funds were withdrawable to paypal someone with capital could make alot of money out of this, even with the 13% transaction fee (which is so high!). Although I suspect if that were true, then alot of people would be trying to do just that and the market would be less volatile and less exploitable.


Two top 5 finishes tonight, but what I’m most excited about is that I won a standoff duel from 75-100m away. We were both in the open juking back and forth. I was worried I’d be too outmatched to try something like that against the experts that have been playing this for a while already. It helped that I remembered the hold breath key.

I have a splitting headache from using a headset. I hate them. I guess I’ll buy a good one to see if that helps. If not, then I guess this isn’t the game for me.


Is it the pressure from the headset? If so, you can get quality in-ear headphones.

I bought some nice comfy headphones on massdrop, but even they get very heavy after a very long game session and are a relief to take off.


If you don’t mind spending a little, these are super comfortable.

I have the older discontinued version, but the design is the same. They sound great and I often forgot I’m even wearing them.


I’ll look around for something cheaper. They would only be used for this game.

Question: what do you guys do after a couple circles are done and you’re already in the next circle? Initial looting is done, there are about 40 people alive, and very little activity. It feels like everyone is waiting. Do you camp and wait it out? I’ve had success that way but it’s a little boring. Just wondering how risky it is to keep looting.

Also, are 4x sights random or do they spawn in certain places? I’ve never seen one except on a corpse.


When I explained it earlier, I didn’t know that the circles had set health drops depending on each one. So when I experienced that, I thought they were additive!

The last few circles hurt like helllll


Hey Tim,

We got these (this particular version) for my wife and I wear the wireless version -

They’re pretty comfortable and sound good!

(this is the headset I use for podcasts and videos as well)


For the question about the last circles - I try as hard as possible to stay at the edge of the circle til about that time, then, if I have the chance, grab a vehicle and head towards center. Then, when I think I’m away from people, I ditch the vehicle behind a hill or somewhere I can’t get easily shot and start stealthing from there.


Randomish. There are areas that naturally spawn better loot, but you ultimately still need to contend with RNG. There are maps online that will show you where better loot tends to drop.

But yeah, midgame the best way to get a scope, if you don’t have one, is off the toon you just killed - good loot will tend to migrate towards the center with players in this fashion.


To get the most enjoyment out of the game, I should probably take more risks when I have very little loot.


So is this game a camper’s paradise?


Buncha headsets on sale today. I bought the Artemis for my nephew…