Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


Yes? No? You can camp and probably get some easy kills, but if you know someone is camping somewhere, it’s fairly easy to flush him out.`

One of the things I prefer third person perspective for, is the ability to peek and bait campers.


Even worse, apparently it’s all CS:GO players, which scares me because my twitch skills aren’t up to par!


Has this expired? Not seeing it.


It will be interesting to see how steam reacts to this game if it begins to suck up a lot of CS revenue. They will probably acquire it.


Maybe, not sure, saw on SD this AM


If anything they’d probably copy it. Maybe that’s Blizzard.


I love that, of late, Jim Sterling is a hound and loot crates are the bone he won’t let go of.

It actually provides a way for the fans of the game–and they already have a lot–to express their enthusiasm in money voluntarily. Imagine the Miami Dolphins not selling jerseys for a year. Fans would go crazy. -Perter Warman


At this point, it seems to be more dogma than reason though. I like loot boxes in games like Halo 5, Gears 4, Titanfall 2 and, yes, PUBG, if it means free updates compared to no loot boxes and paid updates. Or even worse, season passes (yuck).


I honestly don’t understand the uproar about the PUGB boxes as they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING


They seem like mostly-benign trash, like DLC. I’d rather not look at trash, but it’s also not a big deal.


The crate loot can be quite useful. Like, for example, if it’s a pair of bright yellow tracksuit pants that makes you easy to see.


I thought this would be about Bananaman.


The problem with loot crates here – and loot crates are a cancer – is that the game creator publically stated that paid DLC would not appear before the game was finished. Well, that went right out the window. I get this really bad taste in my mouth when somebody sells me an unfinished game and then they turn around and try to sell me gimcracks before, you know, working on finishing the fucking game.

Loot crates have also recently invaded another game I play (The Division) to universal scorn. Sure, great, now I can have a Hello Kitty backpack but my revive still doesn’t proc correctly (a bug they haven’t fixed in seven major iterations of the game).

Loot crates, again, are fucking cancer. It’s the publishers’ method of tapping into gambling money without, you know, actually calling it gambling and having it be regulated and stuff.


Except they said they would do a test run of it before the full release, which they now have done.

Would you rather pay for the new content? And I don’t see how bugs are related to loot crates? You think that bug would’ve been fixed if they hadn’t introduced crates? The benefit of loot crates to me, who doesn’t buy them, is when I receive new content for free, instead of having to pay for DLC.

I have absolutely no issues with cosmetic loot crates in mp games.


Wait; what? You are paying for the new content. Well, I’m not, because I won’t be the one buying the premium “keys” or “gems” or “tossrags” or whatever in The Division or anyone other game. (Edit: OK I bought costumes in Guild Wars 2 because holy jesus.)

Yes, yes, there’s the argument that you can grind for the stuff but the chances of getting what you want without grinding your life away are vanishingly small.

Oh, my sweet summer child. They are never going to go away.


I hopefully clarified what I meant in the edit.

But to reiterate: I rather have cosmetic loot crates than having to pay for new content.

I think all the games I mentioned above are much better off having loot crates rather than paid map packs and whatnot. And I’m sure there are other games like that as well (like Overwatch which I don’t play).


Just to be clear, I don’t think Bluehole would be starved for cash to make content updates when they’ve already made $200 million or whatever. Arguments I’ve seen on both sides are kind of tenuous. I’m sticking with my garbage heap analogy.


Not me. I dislike this casual intersection of gaming and gambling. It’s not that I’m against gambling per se; I just don’t like how publishers are skirting past regulated gambling through the whole “buy my loot packs” paradigm.

I’d just rather straight up pay for the cosmetic content (hence my GW2 purchase, which is the only time I’ve paid for virtual clothes, because, again, holy jesus).

And, in the end, I’d rather the developers actually work on the goddamn game than devote resources to yellow sweatpants, particularly in Early Access games. As for the argument there of “well, they’re separate departments so it doesn’t detract…”: bullshite. Indy game development is a zero-sum game – if an indy designer is focusing on cosmetic DLC, it is taking away from core game development.


I’m not sure “8 million copies at 30 bucks each” is still in indie territory


Also of note, from the wikipedia

Bluehole started with a team of about 35 developers supporting Greene’s work, but which as of June 2017 has expanded to 70 and expected to increase again to 90 with a new studio based in Madison, Wisconsin