Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


Not necessarily, those resources may be spent on another game instead. And the reason you can put in extra people on loot crate implementations (instead of using people already working on the project) is that it will pay for itself (and then some).

And you misunderstand why I want loot crates instead of paid DLC. It’s not because I can’t afford it, because I do actually buy them when I have to, but because it splits up the community with extra playlists and shit like that. And that’s because not everybody can afford it. In fact, most people can’t.


I love this “goofy stunt playthroughs” piece from Josh Millard:

Operation Autorun, a Plunkbat story in two parts

So I decided to develop the idea a little, to come up with some simple rules to basically remove any agency from the game, and then execute those. The sort of thing that a bot could do well pretty easily if there was bot support.

My ruleset shook out like this as I tried it a few times:

  • Hammer the F key to jump out of the plane immediately. No steering on the way down, just fall where you fall.
  • The original destination is the center of the island.
  • With each new circle, the new destination is the center of that circle.
  • Use autorun to run/swim directly toward the current destination.
  • When you reach the destination, hit the button to go prone and wait for the next destination.
  • Don’t switch to manual control unless you’re literally stuck, and then just long enough to route around the obstacle.
  • No picking stuff up, no getting in vehicles, no punching, no dodging and weaving. None of the stuff a player would do to try and win the game. Nothing but autorunning.
  • It’s okay to crawl in the last few circles if crawling will get you there in time.

This ended up feeling like a good strict set of instructions that still allowed a few compromises to make it more possible to get to the late game; the crawling and the manual obstacle fixing could go if you didn’t mind, respectively, definitely getting shot immediately late game or possibly dying to a contracting circle earlier on while stationary on some fixed object like a house or cliff wall out near where you first landed.


Nice. They’re also pretty valuable. I sold mine for $10. In fact, I flipped all three of the crates I bought. Less than $10 spent netted me $25 in steam credit (which mostly paid for the XCOM expansion).


Is this actually true? I’m not a designer or in any way involved in making games so I really don’t know. My understanding, though, is that there are usually artists on staff who can do this sort of thing. I’ve heard people at bigger studios say that they use this sort of work to keep those artists on payroll and occupied while they ramp up to the next big project.

The success of Pubg makes it sound like Bluehole could enter that territory. Also, I’d assume that the revenue from the crates would more than pay for a staff of people to keep making new loot as well as extra to fund other development.


I may have sold that guy those pants. The crates have been a great boon for me. One of the miniskirts I sold went for $285. Another was $140 and I have about $25 in other sales. I still have about $20 in inventory in the shape of some school shirts and the yellow track top to match those pants. I’m waiting to see what happens as crate supply starts to dry up.

Interestingly, the crate supply on the market has gone up steeply since they were removed from the game. There were 40,000 gamescom crates available on Sunday and now there’s 68,000. Prices have actually gone down a dollar over the past couple days.

I’m tempted to buy a couple more, but I want to wait until I see the number for sale start to actually dip.


The market is full of amateur speculators.

In other news, has anyone else tried to find the button for the car horn and then your character jumps out of the car at high speed falling instantly to their death, 8x scoped rifle bouncing on the pavement presumably into the hands of some lucky passerby. No? Just me? Ok then.


That’s karma for trying to horn snipe streamers. :-P



Have you remapped the F key to a mouse button?


In games that are played by minors, no less! I don’t fancy a generation of children (mine included) being conditioned towards gambling at an early age.


No F is F. I just don’t know what the car horn key is, never bothered to check. I wanted to horn some dude and I thought I would try G, H, Y, T, R, F… oh, oops.


I guess you know it now, but for future reference it’s the left mouse button.

In other news, now that Gamescon is over, it seems like they’ve removed the ugly graffitti from the game.


no more giant spray painted TSM??

what a shame


They should either put a permanent “Evermore” spray on spawn island or put a skeleton model in that crevasse he fell into.


THIS I would be totally down with, hahahah


When people say “loot crates don’t have any impact on me or the game” this is the shit that starts slipping into a game:

Loot crates absolutely have an impact on gameplay and this is just one example. Loot drops ruined Team Fortress 2 as tons of kids were just joining servers to idle for drops. There will be further unintended consequences down the road as well. Sometimes developers start out by saying that loot crates will be cosmetic only then start slowly slipping in items that influence gameplay or mechanics like Call of Duty did.

Upthread where people are talking about selling items for serious cash…you bet your ass that people are going to start caring more about the crates then the game itself.


I’m often in the plane when you’re thrown out, and there’s always been several AFKers there. Hell, I’ve been AFK myself several times, like: if a friend drops by in discord, we’ll bail, or if we forgot to turn off random matchmaking, we’ll bail. And I’m sure there are other reasons too.

And if the article is actually true, how hard could it be to do limited bans of people who do this? It’s not like it’s an unfixable problem.


They could fix it, but then we get review bombing campaigns about how someone was just making some Totino’s pizza rolls and had to yell at his mom real quick and he was banned for being an idle farmer.

I guess we get noise either way at this point. Too late now.


Don’t even need to ban folks, just don’t hand out BP to people who don’t move.


People can set up scripts or macros to make their character run in circles or something similar. They can also set up a macro to eject from the plane should the devs take the auto-eject out.

Taking out BP and loot crates entirely would fix the problem. ;-)


Well, if it actually is a problem. It’s been like this since the game was released in early access, and nobody seems to have had any issues with it so far. Well until now I guess, even though the number of AFKers are the same.

Also, if it turns into an actual problem, if you can detect aimbotters, I’m pretty sure you can detect AFKers.