Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


If only we could find a way to detect people running in circles.

errr… ;-)



Yeah… that’s kinda ridiculous.

That’s easily solved with some captcha pictures. :)


Oh God, that would be the worst

“Which of these pictures has a SKS?”


Click on the enemy in the ghillie suit in this picture of a forest.


I’m appalled by the limits of your imaginations.

Click on all pictures that show delicious Totino’s Pizza Rolls.


Instead of having to get into circles, you have to find Totino’s Pizza Rolls to stop a death timer.


Well, the problem is more the Steam Market than the game itself. Overwatch has crates, but you can’t trade/sell them, right? So they don’t have this problem.


So the past 2-3 days I have been sporting this beautiful outfit:

The outcome:

EDIT: Ok in the second one I had changed clothes half way through the match, which kinda cuts my point, but still!


Anyone want to group up tonight? I’ll be around in 20-30 minutes for the rest of the evening.


I’m always up for some PUBG if im online

Add me on steam:


Haha! No kidding. You know this is happening if we get Captcha.


Had to get a screenshot of this. Becoming and I heard these guys roll up in a vehicle. He engaged from far to the right. I open the door and I’m presented with this direct shot of the guy on the left for my S12K shotgun. Haha!

First night with duos. Thanks for the games, guys.


The game is still increasing its user base every week, with 960k concurrent players yesterday. But I guess Destiny 2 this week will be its first real test.



I got my second-ever chicken dinner over the weekend, playing in first-person mode. The last few circles were all wilderness, which is my favorite kind of play, especially in first-person. It’s a good balance of waiting, listening, and moving. I had three kills, and I attribute them entirely to being able to place people based on noise and prepare accordingly.


I finally bought this yesterday thinking that my HTPC (Alienware Alpha) could handle it at low settings. Sadly, the game ran smoothly when things settle down, but since the device only has 4GB ram there was lots of frequent loading/stuttering :-( the game recommends 6GB at minimum and I don’t have any other need to upgrade the device.

Thank you Steam refunds!

Xbox version ASAP plz.


Picked this up a couple weeks ago, just starting to get all the nuances and curb my Rambo instincts. Finished in the top ten a few times, but struggled with trying to determine when to move and when to stay put for just a little longer. Also my reaction time must not be what it once was because even when I got the drop on someone they still managed to finish me off.

But I did get my first chicken dinner tonight!

Did they reset the stats? I haven’t played much the past few days, but only my last 2 rounds are showing up.

EDIT: never mind, should have googled it first. They have monthly resets.


Congrats on your first chicken dinner!


I like how everyone has won this game but me now. Please, post more victory screenshots!