Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


Positioning is so key for the top 10. Some things I do which may or may not be common sense:

  • stay around the edges, never in the middle of the circle, that way you are reasonably sure noone will be behind you.
  • try to find sharp inclines or declines in elevation and use that to mask your location and movement. I have found these are far more effective than a tree or a rock.
  • Try to move as little as possible once you have a good spot, don’t fire at an oblivious opponent unless you are quite sure you are going to take him or her down.
  • Trees suck as the cover isn’t good enough to make up for the fact they make you more visible.


Yeah, I think I’ve died enough times that there’s no point to sitting behind a tree and hoping. If I’m stuck with a bad spot, I might as well take a risk and move. I’m probably dead anyways.


I had a great moment last solo game where I was dropping near a set of buildings that another guy was dropping near. We both see a jeep by the side of the road so we go for it. He gets there first and starts to drive. I await to be run over when he stops the jeep after seeing me run for it. I run towards it and jump on, and he starts driving us north. After awhile we see another jeep on the side of the road, and he stops. I jump out, grab my own jeep, and we go our separate ways.

Can’t we all just be friends?


Cool story.

If you switch to passenger seat in the middle you can shoot the driver’s head from inside for the next time it happens :P


I hate this game so much when I have to pee.

The sweet release of death…


Played the new patch on the test server yesterday, and I really liked it. The foggy weather makes the game more close combat focused, and spruces things up when you get it. But what I really liked was the new buildings in the north east corner of the map (including the new town), which actually makes the area usable. There’s some other quality of life changes too (like Insert to mark your location), but overall I’m looking forward to playing it on the main servers tomorrow.


Has anyone tried the new gun?


Tried it earlier today on the test server. Think of it as the m16 on steroids with sniper attachments. Lower damage than an sks, but much faster bullet velocity and lower recoil.

Pretty good if your aim is on the money.


Hey, FPP stats are up and they’re retroactive. Oh look, I suck!


Another solo tonight, courtesy of your friend and mine, the fry pan.!

Landed at Mylta Power and didn’t see a soul, so I was surprised when I started taking fire from behind as I tried to clear out the houses in the very south east of the main island. Four or five AR rounds came my way in quick succession and two hit the pan.

Tried to loop around the guy to get a shot with my KAR but never saw him again, so took the Dacia and threw it off a cliff into the water next to a boat because the circle was looking like it was going to be on the island.

Parked the boat under the Mylta-Novo bridge and waited for circles and then had to get to the beach on Mili Island. Took a lot of fire coming in and had to jump out the back of the boat and swim down the shore and go up a small rocky area. Took another AR round in the pan.

Crossing the open ground to the tree line I got hit in the pan again and then running up the hill to a late circle I took two more AR rounds off the iron.

Got to a very late circle and killed #5 with a nice KAR headshot under the level three helmet from the side. #4 died to circle and I could clearly see another guy. I’m crawling to better cover when an AWM shot comes in and… SPANG! off the pan.

That shot reveals that guy’s location to the other not-me person, who kills him and then that guy picks a tree to run to for cover, but unfortunately it’s the one I’m behind.

WWCD and Praise Pan!


Easily may have been an understatement. But it certainly went faster than expected.

The game has actually more than doubled the number of concurrent users in a month, which is crazy considering Destiny 2 was released in this period. Is the growth mainly coming from Asia (or outside the Western hemisphere)? Because if so, I don’t think any game will stop this train this year.


So, Tommy Guns are everywhere now.


Anyone know if it’s a bug that they don’t fit any barrel attachments other that suppressors or if that’s working as intended?

So far, i’m unimpressed by it - and find the lack of sight rail is a distinct issue for me. If i’m holding a submachine gun, i’d prefer the ump or vector to the tommy gun…

Barring the sniper rifles, i think this is my gun preference right now

Shotgun (break)
Shotgun (auto)
Shotgun (pump)


Indeed, it seems like it is the most common SMG now.


Pretty sure they only take silencers for the barrel purposely.


Yeah, and I like the Tommy Gun a lot. 50 round extended mag plus full auto = happy fun times.


Do you still get unlimited Tommy Gun ammo when wearing a trenchcoat? Balance-wise, seems that would need to go on making the TG a world drop rather than crate only…


Are stats not updating the past day for anyone else?

Played a few games yesterday and my player statistics weren’t updated. Couldn’t find any info about such an issue and was just curious.


I feel like I’m getting the hang of this. Just waiting for some good circles in the top 10 so I can try my hand at the final 2 or 3 on even footing. Still a few tactical errors I need to purge from my system. I cannot resist shooting clueless people in the top 10, and of course I don’t always kill them.

I still think solo is kind of boring. That’s probably the wrong word because it’s tense. It’s just so much more fun to talk to someone while you’re looting and moving. I also feel like enemy duos tend to move around more and make interesting things happen instead of camping and hiding like in solo.


Oh, this should be obvious, but moving the game to SSD made a huge difference in load times, and I no longer have to wait to load building textures when I get on the ground so I can open the damn door.