Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


First solo win! After 76 hours of playing (altho i played mostly in squad or duo)


Great job. I guess there’s hope for me yet. Hehe.


I can say the fog helped quite a lot.


Fog and rain are my favorite weathers. They’re way better for my “avoid everyone” playstyle.


Oh dammit, 2nd and 3rd place back to back. I just want to win so I can stop playing tryhard. Haha! Hiding makes it much easier but so boring.


Jeff Grubb is doing another Gamesbeat Family Chicken Dinner right now :D


Thank you to @Becoming for carrying me to my first duo victory. I had, um, zero kills, but I shot a lot of people in the chest with a Mini14. So that was fun.


The funny thing is I wanted to quit before that game after a long day of PUBG, and feeling like I was way off all night not playing well.

So the lesson is: never stop playing, ever.


My lesson was that shooting at everyone faster than Tim is rewarding. :p

I’m basically a T-rex with guns: if it moves, I will try to murder it.


Congratulations! A wins a win. Winning with zero kills is actually an accomplishment.


Hmm, maybe I need to play less PUBG.


Upgraded to a new rig and can finally play this. So, so great!

Beat a guy to death after getting hit first from behind! Found a handgun! Found a buggy!!! Drove looking for other players, spotted a dude in a jeep and tried to run him over when he got out only to jump to my death from the rather slow moving buggy. Wah wah.

Got like 34th place or something which is not bad for my second game. I might have to try some of the other tricks mentioned earlier of dropping into areas with other players to learn the shooting mechanics a bit quicker.

Game 3 I was sneaking (I thought) around a garage/warehouse trying to find some other guy. Had my shotgun loaded but I got a little cocky and I think he heard me. When he shot me from the back the gunfire scared the crap out of me.

I’ve used Lostcawz for nearly 20 years and this is the first time I recall some sumbitch getting that name before me.

Back to dying!


You must hunt this man down and kill him.



LOL! Got 3rd by running into absolutely no one for almost the entire game. Was in one spot with a shotgun and could here a guy shooting right near me but never found him. Got totally lucky on the placement of the death circle and finally made a break for it with 3 of us left, even got the drop on the guy but couldn’t aim for crap and he killed me. If only I had found any ammo for the machine guns I’d found with better range.

I still jump every damned time someone shoots near me.


I do hate how I feel like I have to turn up my headphone volume to hear footsteps, and then it scares the shit out of me when I get shot.

Don’t even bother practicing with shotguns. They’re unreliable even for experts. If you land in the right place and run in the right direction, you should almost always find a rifle before you run into anyone.


I love shotguns! I think they’re underrated, but they are certainly not reliable


I also like shotguns, but I’ve stopped putting chokes on them. You can do some random long-range bullshittery with a choked shotgun, but you can also miss people who are standing right there. Or at least I can. The time I knocked a guy down at Mylta Power and went to finish him off with a choked shotgun and missed his prone body entirely from five feet away was the last straw.

So I ignore chokes now because when I pull the shotgun trigger I want everything in an eight foot circle in front of me to have a very bad day indeed.


The problem with no choke is that even fairly close range you might not kill them in one shot. If you can’t take them down with a single shot there’s a good chance the other guy will start spraying you before you can get another round off (pump or S12K). The S686 is good for being able to fire two in quick succession, at least.

I love shotguns, it’s always so satisfying to ruin someone’s game in one press of the button. It’s too bad half the time I miss and they waste me, that’s why I have started opting for a Micro Uzi for house combat.


Another 2nd place. Learning new things each time in the top 10. One is to have frags equipped for emergencies instead of stun grenades. I had thrown my grenade before the other guy, but it was a stun grenade. The other guy also knew where I was, and threw a frag that had just enough range to kill me after I had made a break for it.

I had it on my todo list to throw a grenade at someone so I would remember to use them in the future. At least I got to do that!