Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


You can press G to equip frags.


You can also hit the grenade key multiple times to swap between them


These sound like wonderful tips that I hope I remember when there are only two people left alive on the island.


Don’t worry.

You won’t.


I was watching my little brother play – I’ve gotten two chicken dinners so far, and he hasn’t gotten any yet – and I was giving gentle guidance. As he approached the top ten, I told him “Don’t shoot when someone pops up because you’ll give away your position. Let someone else get the kill and give themselves away.” He agreed that was a solid plan.

Once the adrenaline got going though, and it was down to the last three or four people, all of his planning went out the window. He was accidentally uncrouching and shooting at people without killing them, so of course he got killed. The rush of being close to a victory really plays hell with all your preparation.


More experience does help. I don’t shoot anyone from the death circle anymore, even if I’m probably going to get shot anyway, and I don’t shoot unless I can kill. (I’m probably too extreme about this now.) It took me a while to train myself on these.

Grenades and the top 2 standoff are really the last things I needed to teach myself. Now it’s just putting the hours in until all the right circumstances fall into place.

It’s still kind of annoying. An open field top 10 always feels like a big waste of time.


$1000 virtual cosmetic item sold on Steam for PUBG.


Good news! The price is now only $969.


Speaking of purchases, guess who’s talking to Bluehole?

For China, the world’s biggest gaming market, Chang knows he will need local partners. Tencent, the leading game company in the country with League of Legends and Clash Royale, has contacted Bluehole for a publishing agreement and has offered to buy an equity stake. Chang says the talks are promising.

“Tencent can be a very important partner for us,” he says, declining to share details.


I feel sorry for that guy, what’s he going to do with all this money?


Tencent is frickin’ everywhere lately.


Tencent found out you can’t farm that bandana so they decided to just buy the company instead.


Some other good tips for grenades:

the right button alternates between and overhand and underhand throw, you can click this as often as you like to alternate between the two if you change your mind(or circumstances change)

pressing R at any time with the grenade in hand will release the safety lever and allow you to cook the grenade - this allows you to try to time preburning the fuse of the grenade so it explodes either in flight or just as it lands.

Some other things I haven’t confirmed…

while left clicking pulls the pin, i’m not certain if this actually does anything (ie, unsure if you can change weapons/grenades after you pull the pin). It is NOT a prerequisite to cooking the grenade, as clicking R will release both the lever and the pin

you have roughly a five count before the grenade detonates. I’m not sure if the timer is server side or client side, but i suspect it’s server which could explain for some differences when the grenade explodes.

not sure what happens if you start cooking the grenade and then switch weapons, i assume it drops at your feet, but i dunno…

smoke(from grenades) seems to render on client side, meaning the smoke you see is not the same as the smoke anyone else sees. I think they know about this issue and its something they are working on…


No way in hell am I cooking a grenade in the top 2 anytime soon. That will only lead to tears.


Become a professional dickhead on Twitter, maybe?


I always wondered if he had an equity stake or a percentage of sales. It looks like it doesn’t since the leader of Bluehole wants to “try” to give him an equity stake. Whatever that means. Just give him half of your billion dollars.


I sense a pattern.


Anyone having connection problems?


Managed to get in and…first solo dinner!


Congrats! Were you shaking afterward?