Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


I appreciate that but I play at insane hours. Like 3-6 am pacific time. So unless you’re up for that…


Oh my GOD the random squads. Last 4 games:

  1. Hey guys, we need to get a vehicle because the circle is WAYY over there. GUYS! GUYS! Look for a car! Look around! I go out of my way to run down the road and get a car. Circle back for these idiots. Not fast enough, we all die.

  2. Hey guys. We’re pretty far away from the circle. Let’s start moving. (3 minutes later). GUYS! I grab a car, circle back for these clowns. We make it but BARELY. On the way out, another car follows us I warn and yell for everyone to jump out, we jump out and are all mowed down.

  3. Hey guys. I know we said drop at school, but I saw 8 parachutes come down on school. Avoid school. I’m going to the tall residential buildings near the school. (3 minutes later, 2 squadmates dead at school). Guy picks me up in car. Cool. We make it to the circle. I tell him to go deeper in, maybe closer to where center will be eventually. I tell him avoid the city, go around. He says my mic is low. I adjust my mic closer and say louder AVOID THE CITY. He drives through literally the main city street. We are mowed down almost immediately after entering the city.

  4. Hey guys. Where are we jumping out of the plane? Here maybe? (marks map). Teammates jump at random places. I try to follow one and fail. We get extremely separated, and all die.

This is like some online gaming 101 bullshit people. Jesus. Stick together. Follow the basic rules of the map. You’ll probably still die randomly from bullshit anyway, but at least you tried.

~ fin ~


“If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.”


Probably just matchmaking putting you with other relative newbies. Most folk I am matched with these days know the score, though you get the occasional yahoo. Number 3 is on you, though - unless your squaddies acknowledged the change in drop location, you should have stuck with them for better or worse.


We had a drop location but only 2/4 of the squad used it. Trust me, I’m not the asshole here.

I just got teamkilled (grenading our own vehicle) halfway through a mission by some kid who kept chanting “pokemon go” and “give me 556”. We were doing pretty good up until that point, too!

But yeah, I’m the asshole here. Clearly.


Relax bro, just a friendly jab! :)


People actually do the squad matchmaking?


Huh, another intentional teamkiller. Pretty sophisticated too, he played along for a while (on the mic even) before going berserk on us.

Probably because I’m an asshole!


Did you report them? Not sure they have made reporting any easier, though…


Yeah, it’s pretty easy, report button on the death screen, it even auto-selects the person who killed you. Whether it works or not, I got no idea.


Me and a mate can join you for a few games right now, of you’re keen.


Headed to bed, but thanks. 7am here.




Wow, I almost always get matched with Chinese speaking people in squad games. This is “only” at 10:30 pm pacific time, but the english speakers are pretty rare in auto-squad match games across the board in my experience. Super dominated by Chinese language folks. They try, and sometimes their English is OK, but it’s tough.

Mic play is critical for squads mode so this is … a problem.

Is this game just unbelievably huge in China, or something? Especially weird because I pick NA (north american) servers every time. Am I doing something wrong?


It is unbelievably huge in China (like 40% of the playerbase), and your playing time is prime time in Asia. But trying to play pickup squads is the main problem. It is an order of magnitude better with a prebuilt squad than pickups.


I wish they would get the hell off the NA (north america) servers though. That’s just fucked up, their pings must be horrendous… plus nobody playing on NA is expecting Chinese comm.


Playing with randoms is a total crapshoot, and by total crapshoot I mean it’s miserably almost every fucking time. Last time I played on NA with randoms, the others kept on asking me if I was Chinese, and then proceeded to kill me after the initial looting period.


It’s not too bad if everyone speaks the same language, talks on comm, plays the basic rules of the game, and doesn’t do anything too egregiously stupid.

The description of Battlegrounds as a kind of roguelike are not far off the mark.


Speaking of China…

The review-bombing seems to be motivated by angry Chinese gamers that get an in-game ad for a VPN service.


Random 4 man Chinese squad matching FTW!

One died early on after drop (they opted to drop into a super busy area, so I dropped just behind that because I hate that early deathmatch BS), and I totally saved the remaining 2 guys’ asses early on as they were super late coming out of the first blue circle and one of them incapped about 10 meters outside the safe zone. I ran over to them, revived one, and dropped a medpak and energy drink. To their credit, they played very tightly as a two man team and I basically tagged along and got a few kills. Who knows, maybe they were both running cheat programs and knew where everyone was all the time, but they didn’t seem omniscient to me. At one point I was begging for 5.56 ammo but they didn’t reply, so comms was not their strong suit.

Overall, I’d say half of winning in this game is random: good positions in the circle, nobody just happens to be directly behind you in a firefight, and so on.


Seems Microsoft wants this as a XBONE timed exclusive for as long as possible.