Battlegrounds may not be Number 1, but he's in their commercial anyway

Battlegrounds may not be Number 1, but he’s in their commercial anyway I guess this is what you do when you’re Jonathan Frakes. You come off Star Trek Picard and narrate a faux Unsolved Mysteries ad for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegounds. It’s another convoluted backstory for the battle royale genre. This time, it’s an attempt to explain how and why people are killing each other on the island of Vikendi, home to the Dinoland theme park. Something, something, cursed family or some-such. Here’s a simple solution. Don’t bother. Players spawn in and they shoot each other. The end.

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I think it’s rather brilliant but very very very niche marketing and an odd game to choose it for.

The “sinister voiceover” bits are way overdone, but otherwise yeah it’s quite good.

This game is still around?