Battlestar Galactica 16: What Have We Done?

Darkness settled upon the twelve colonies. Then bursts of light. Some civilians managed to escape the devastation and join with a Battlestar that was nearly turned into a museum.

This is a 6 leader mission. Rules will follow the basic rules from the base game with the additional changes for Pegasus.

We will be using all characters from Daybreak and Exodus.

We will be playing with Mutiny cards and Miracle tokens.

Miracle tokens refer only to Once Per Game abilities. You may only have a max of one. If, for some reason, a card would grant you a token and you already have one, you may not gain a second. However, if you have used your OPG, getting a Miracle token will allow you to use your OPG ability.

Some actions will force a player to take a Mutiny card. You may only have one in your hand. If you are forced to take a second Mutiny card, immediately go to the Brig and discard down to one Mutiny card. Cylon players may not have Mutiny cards. Revealed Cylons must discard their Mutiny cards, and may never draw Mutiny cards.

Reckless skill checks have been adjusted. No longer does reckless trigger Treachery card abilities, instead follow the following procedure:

*After cards are added, flip the top card of the Treachery deck face up.
*If card value is >0, do nothing and process skill check like normal
*If card value is 0, flip up next Treachery card and resolve both text abilities. May repeat, and does not prevent abilities in skill check from triggering.
*Checks that fail with total of <0 trigger Reckless

Players are as follows, selected by the true random number generator:

  1. @CraigM
  2. @Otthegreat
  3. @Jorn_Weines
  4. @Lantz
  5. @soondifferent
  6. @rowe33

1 - Ginger Yellow, Knightsaber, rowe33, soondifferent, ShivaX
Cylons - Fuel - ShivaX, rowe33
2 - scottagibson, rowe33, Knightsaber, Otthegreat, Lantz
Cylons - Morale - scott, Knight
3 - Lantz, rowe33, scottagibson, Otthegreat, Knightsaber
Humans - Lantz, scottagibson, Knightsaber
4 - Otthegreat, Lantz, scottagibson, rowe33, Otagan
Cylons - Destroyed Galactica - Lantz, Otagan
5 - Lantz, Otagan, Otthegreat, scottagibson, ShivaX, soondifferent, rowe33
Cylons - Destroyed Galactica - scottagibson, soondifferent, Otagan CL
6 - soondifferent, Otthegreat, Knightsaber, rowe33, Blueboy08, scottagibson
Humans - Otthegreat, Knightsaber CL, rowe33, scottagibson
7 - Otthegreat, scottagibson, CaseyRobinson, rowe33, CraigM, Jørn Weines
Cylons - Destroyed Galactica - Otthegreat, scottagibson, CraigM CL
8 - rowe33, CaseyRobinson, Knightsaber, Jørn Weines, soondifferent, Otthegreat
Humans - rowe33 CL, CaseyRobinson, Jørn Weines, Otthegreat
9 MEGA GAME - Lantz, Scottagibson, Rowe33, Otthegreat, Soondifferent, Knightsaber, Jostly, JefferyB, Jørn Weines
Humans - Scottagibson, Rowe33, Jostly, Jeffreyb, Soondifferent CL
10 - Jeffreyb, Soondifferent, Knightsaber, Rowe33, Jostly, Lantz
Cylons - Fuel - soondifferent, Jostly (CL), Lantz
11 - Otthegreat, Soondifferent, Knightsaber, Rowe33, Jostly, CaseyRobinson
Cylons - Centurions - CaseyRobinson, soondifferent, Rowe33 (CL)
12 - legowarrior, jeffreyb, Rowe33, Woodlance, Jorn_Weines, Tim_N
Cylons - Morale - jeffreyb, Rowe33, JornWeines (CL)_
13 - CraigM, legowarrior, Scottagibson, Lantz, Rowe33, jeffreyb(CL)
Humans - legowarrior, Lantz, Rowe33
14 - Rowe33, Jorn_Weines, jeffreyb, Lantz, soondifferent, Knightsaber
Cylons - Centurions - jeffreyb, soondifferent, Lantz (CL)
15 - Lantz, Otthegreat, Rowe33, Jorn_Weines, jeffreyb, soondifferent
Humans - Lantz, Jorn_Weines, jeffreyb
16 - CraigM(CL), Otthegreat, Jorn_Weines, Lantz, soondifferent, Rowe33
Cylons - Fuel - Jorn_Weines, Rowe33

The available characters:

Political Leaders

Military Leaders



Cylon Leaders

Line of succession


  1. Helena Cain
  2. William Adama
  3. Saul Tigh
  4. Karl “Helo” Agathon (Original Version, Military Leader)
  5. Felix Gaeta
  6. Louis Hoshi
  7. Tom Zarek (Alternate Version, Military Leader)
  8. Lee “Apollo” Adama (Original Version, Pilot)
  9. Anastasia “Dee” Dualla
  10. Karl “Helo” Agathon (Alternate Version, Pilot)
  11. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace
  12. Louanne “Kat” Katraine
  13. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii
  14. Brendan “Hot Dog” Costanza
  15. Samuel T. Anders
  16. “Chief” Galen Tyrol
  17. Callandra “Cally” Tyrol
  18. Sherman “Doc” Cottle
  19. Lee Adama (Alternate Version, Political Leader)
  20. Tom Zarek (Original Version, Political Leader)
  21. Ellen Tigh
  22. Gaius Baltar (Alternate Version, Support)
  23. Gaius Baltar (Original Version, Political Leader)
  24. Romo Lampkin
  25. Tory Foster
  26. Laura Roslin


  1. Laura Roslin
  2. Gaius Baltar (Original Version, Political Leader)
  3. Lee Adama (Alternate Version, Political Leader)
  4. Tom Zarek (Original Version, Political Leader)
  5. Romo Lampkin
  6. Tory Foster
  7. Ellen Tigh
  8. Lee “Apollo” Adama (Original Version, Pilot)
  9. Tom Zarek (Alternate Version, Military Leader)
  10. Felix Gaeta
  11. William Adama
  12. Karl “Helo” Agathon (Original Version, Military Leader)
  13. “Chief” Galen Tyrol
  14. Gaius Baltar (Alternate Version, Support)
  15. Callandra “Cally” Tyrol
  16. Sherman “Doc” Cottle
  17. Helena Cain
  18. Anastasia “Dee” Dualla
  19. Louis Hoshi
  20. Karl “Helo” Agathon (Alternate Version, Pilot)
  21. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii
  22. Saul Tigh
  23. Brendan “Hot Dog” Costanza
  24. Samuel T. Anders
  25. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace
  26. Louanne “Kat” Katraine

The Galactica

FTL Control Action: Jump the fleet if the Jump Preparation track is not in the red zone*
*may lose population

Weapons Control Action: Attack 1 Cylon ship with Galactica.

Communications Action: Look at the back of 2 civilian ships. You may then move them to adjacent area(s).

Research Lab Action: Draw 1 Engineering or 1 Tactics skill card.

Command Action: activate up to 2 unmanned vipers.

Admiral’s Quarters Action: Choose a character, then pass this skill check to send them to the “Brig”
*difficulty 7 Tactics/ Leadership challenge

Hangar Deck Action: Launch yourself in a Viper. You may then take 1 more action*
*Viper pilots only

Armory Action: Attack a Centurion on the Boarding Party track (destroyed on a roll of 7-8)

Sickbay You may only draw 1 Skill Card during your Receive Skill step

Brig You may not move, draw Crisis Cards, or add more than 1 card to skill checks. Action: Pass this skill check to move to any location*
*difficulty 7 Politics/ Tactics check

Colonial One

Quorum Chamber Action If you are the President, draw 1 Quorum card. You may then either draw 1 additional Quorum card or play 1 from your hand

Press Room Action: Choose another player to draw 1 Mutiny Card (He does not go to the “Brig”). He then keeps 1 of his Mutiny Cards, and discards the rest. You may then discard a Mutiny Card.

President’s Office Action: Draw 2 politics Skill Cards.

Administration Action: Draw 1 Mutiny Card. If the President has any Mutiny Cards, choose a player to the President title. If the “Accept Prophecy” card is in play, the President may discard it to keep his title.

Cylon Locations

Caprica Action: Play your Super Crisis Card or draw 2 Crisis Cards, choose 1 to resolve, and discard the other*
*No activate Cylon Ships step

Cylon Fleet Action: Activate all Cylon ships of one type, or launch 2 raiders and 1 heavy raider from each Basestar

Human Fleet Action: Look at the top card of the Crisis or Destination deck and place it on the top or bottom of that deck, then draw 2 Skill Cards: Or: Action: Infiltrate Galactica.

Resurrection Ship: Draw only 1 Skill Card during your Draw Skill Cards Step. Action: Draw 1 Super Crisis Card. (New to Pegasus)

Pegasus Locations

Pegasus CiC: Action: Choose a Basestar and roll a die: 1-3 = Damage Pegasus; 4-6 = Damage Basestar; 7-8 = Damage Basestar Twice

Airlock: Action: Choose a character and pass this Skill Check to Execute them. (12, Politics-Tactics-Treachery). Reduce the difficulty of this check by 4 if the character is already in the ‘Brig’.

Main Batteries: Action: Choose a space area to affect and roll a die: 1 = Destroy 1 Civilian Ship; 2-3 = Damage 1 Viper; 4-6 = Destroy 2 Raiders; 7-8 = Destroy 4 Raiders.

Engine Room: Action: Discard 2 Skill cards to treat the next Crisis card drawn this turn as if it had a ‘prepare for jump’ (jump prep) icon.

Roles and skill cards:

Politics cards:

Leadership cards:

Tactics cards:

Piloting cards:

Engineering cards:

Treachery cards:

Cylon Leader Motives:

Quorum Album

Quorum card counts:

2X Arrest Order
2X Authorization of Brutal Force
2X Food Rationing
4X Inspirational Speech

Mutiny Deck

Here’s our picking/turn order. You all know the picking rules by now eh.

  1. @CraigM
  2. @Otthegreat
  3. @Jorn_Weines
  4. @Lantz
  5. @soondifferent
  6. @rowe33

Admiral Cain, Kat, Cally, Tom Zarek (political), Gaeta and Cavil are off the board. New characters!

Good, good.

I am 100% confident in my humanity this game, unless I’m Cylon Leader since I’m picking last. I’m which case I will be 75% confident.

This should be a new Legacy rule. Every character must be used before we recycle them!

Also, maybe the losing side for each game gets to pick a tiny bonus for the next one? +1 Morale, your choice of 2 Supercrises when you reveal, etc.

Galactica Green is people!

Man, but then it’s going to suck being the person stuck with Anders.

For my part I’m thinking of taking one of the characters never before seen, and debating between Aaron Doral and Doc Cottle. Will probably tag Doral

I thought we were getting Fat Adama this game? ;)

For the record, here is the complete list of characters not yet played:

Romo Lampkin
Samuel Anders
Doc Cottle
Simon O’Neal
Aaron Doral

Of those Anders really sucks, Simon looks like he may suck too (his bonus is fairly low impact due to hand limitations). Romo looks interesting, with a very fun OPG, but very situational and with sub par hand draws. Doc is probably not great as support, due to not being able to repair, but his ability has potential (and playing as him could be fun for the RP aspects). Aaron looks to be actually good, if not as obviously powerful as other Cylons. That said with Agendas his OPG is almost always relevant.

Yeah I didn’t feel like it.

Yeah, Simon seems dreadful as a CL. Lampkin does look like he’d be fun though.

If Ander’s once per turn was a movement it wouldn’t be so terrible…but an action??

You know, I just realized something. Last game? Not a single Mutiny card. How about that.

Ok guys, I want to see at least two of Lampkin, Aaron, and Doc. Get some real new blood into this game. @rowe33 you seem interested in Romo, you in for that? Can we get someone for the Doctor? Lets really upend this ship here ;)

Exactly. I think as an action, it makes him almost unplayable.

I had a mutiny near the end, but didn’t get a chance to use it. It was the “blow up Galactica, but maybe blow up a centurion” one.

I am leaning towards a pilot but Anders… Hm… Not so sure.

There’s a good reason no one plays Anders or the Doc…I mean, draw 2 Engineering cards every turn…can’t use them, that’s amazing?

(Hint: Six is reallllly fun)

However his ability basically gives him an effective draw of 7 cards, and he can pass off to others who can use them. It has a lot of interesting potential, while also playing hell with Cylon detection because it mixes draws. Done right? He could be a powerful human tool. Done poorly he confuses the matter, or even empowers Cylons. High variance is how I would describe him. And not as obviously useful as, say, Cain’s OPG.

Eh, I want to play around with Agendas. Aaron Doral for me

Speaking of, what were @soondifferent’s agendas last game?