Battlestar Galactica 18: Off to college, and then to War


Don’t worry, we break rookies in REALLY gently! In fact, we have a special resting spot where you can relax undisturbed as long as you want.


I feel it’s a bit more complex than I first imagined. Especially with the order of things.

Anyway. You cannot go back now!


The most important thing to remember is to kill @Lantz first - even if he is not playing! He is the @Dave_Perkins of forum-BSG.


It could be worse. You could force me to play Anders.


I’m in if there’s room!

Also, welcome, new blood! Your speedy adaptation of our in-jokes is uncanny, and some might say…inhuman.


It’s appropriate, he was useless in the show too.

I just love the setting, despite the Deux Ex Machina which is compensated by an amazing soundtrack.


Sadly this is objectively wrong. Not even the excellent soundtrack makes up for the back-half of season 4 and “The Plan”.


You shut your dirty pirate mouth.


No! U!


Ok setting up. Looking at the setup, gonna run this with 5 I think. Will keep all characters in play, the updated boards, and otherwise the same things. I had looked at some of the alternate mechanics to CL’s, such as the secret goals for humans, but ultimately I think that feedback means I think we’ll excise those for now.

I’ve considered adding the Demetrius or Basestar pursuit boards. Demetrius adds a way to increase distance or get other benefits, if you can pass a skill check. It is a potential boost for humans, or a resource sink. But it could be helpful should you find a lull.

The basestar board adds some pressure to make it so the space portion of the game is not relegated to secondary status. That’s been a common issue, Pilots are a depreciated resource. Having them be more useful, and having the Cylon ships be more present, would be good I think. As is I have been removing about 30 non Cylon Fleet crisis cards pre game, this is because the expansions dilute their numbers relative to other crisis cards. Otherwise we see maybe one more attack post the start of the game. I can keep doing that, or mix in a way to add ships to the board through Cylon player action.

Will reset resources to their default levels. Will keep the Reckless as is, along with the mixed treachery deck.


So here are, preliminary, our participants

Guarunteed for new players

Previous winners

players who were not in last game
@Otthegreat - you expressed interest, gonna jump in?

Unfortunate humans

Gonna have to Thunderdome 2.0 this looks like. I’ve got a new idea for that too. And the only safe person is @Perky_Goth mwhahahaha


No worries, me and @Knightsaber can discuss how wrong he is from the peanut gallery on the Astral Queen.


Have you decided on any rule changes oh great one?


Other than dropping the CL? Nothing set in stone. I laid out what I was thinking, but am open to what others have to say.


Wait, you’re talking to me right? I support the idea of making pilots more useful to humanity. I feel like they are rarely useful but then can crush it as cylons right now. So if they don’t turn evil then humanity is stuck with some underwhelming characters and if they do turn then humanity has to deal with powerful opponents.


I’ll pass.


IMHO, drop the players to 5, cut out the CL. Leave everything else alone.


I will swap my spot with Knight’s since he’s moderated too.


I’m in! I’ll just make sure not to pick a pilot.

No more Cylon Leaders? What did I miss?



I believe I stated I will pass.