Battlestar Galactica 18: Off to college, and then to War


Ok setting up. Looking at the setup, gonna run this with 5 I think. Will keep all characters in play, the updated boards, and otherwise the same things. I had looked at some of the alternate mechanics to CL’s, such as the secret goals for humans, but ultimately I think that feedback means I think we’ll excise those for now.

I’ve considered adding the Demetrius or Basestar pursuit boards. Demetrius adds a way to increase distance or get other benefits, if you can pass a skill check. It is a potential boost for humans, or a resource sink. But it could be helpful should you find a lull.

The basestar board adds some pressure to make it so the space portion of the game is not relegated to secondary status. That’s been a common issue, Pilots are a depreciated resource. Having them be more useful, and having the Cylon ships be more present, would be good I think. As is I have been removing about 30 non Cylon Fleet crisis cards pre game, this is because the expansions dilute their numbers relative to other crisis cards. Otherwise we see maybe one more attack post the start of the game. I can keep doing that, or mix in a way to add ships to the board through Cylon player action.

Will reset resources to their default levels. Will keep the Reckless as is, along with the mixed treachery deck.


So here are, preliminary, our participants

Guarunteed for new players

Previous winners

players who were not in last game
@Otthegreat - you expressed interest, gonna jump in?

Unfortunate humans

Gonna have to Thunderdome 2.0 this looks like. I’ve got a new idea for that too. And the only safe person is @Perky_Goth mwhahahaha


No worries, me and @Knightsaber can discuss how wrong he is from the peanut gallery on the Astral Queen.


Have you decided on any rule changes oh great one?


Other than dropping the CL? Nothing set in stone. I laid out what I was thinking, but am open to what others have to say.


Wait, you’re talking to me right? I support the idea of making pilots more useful to humanity. I feel like they are rarely useful but then can crush it as cylons right now. So if they don’t turn evil then humanity is stuck with some underwhelming characters and if they do turn then humanity has to deal with powerful opponents.


I’ll pass.


IMHO, drop the players to 5, cut out the CL. Leave everything else alone.


I will swap my spot with Knight’s since he’s moderated too.


I’m in! I’ll just make sure not to pick a pilot.

No more Cylon Leaders? What did I miss?



I believe I stated I will pass.


Oh, sorry thought you were talking about rules changes adding the boards, didn’t realize that you meant the game itself.


The actual piloting is the underwhelming bit but the characters are fine.

I was referring to the cylon leaders which some players don’t seem to enjoy which i can understand


I enjoy playing them, but they unbalance the game so hard it falls of the table.


Which is why the tweak. Pilots are crippling as Cylons, but can be near useless as humans. The Cylon Fleet, and corresponding CAG title, I think will improve things on several axes.

Page 12-14 are the relevant parts, but here’s the short version:

When jumping Cylon ships move to the corresponding Cylon board location.
Cylon activations, when no ship of that type are on board, advance the pursuit track 1, and place a ship of that type in a Cylon board space determined by a die roll

When the pursuit reaches end of track, move all ships onto main board

When all of one type are on the Cylon board, and activate, move highest ranked location with that type and put all ships in that space on main board.

Remove all Cylon Fleet crisis cards and Super Crisis.

Yes, I love them thematically, but they do seem to be kingmakers. Why I’m looking at the module for additional characters, might include some of them. There are versions of each of the Cylon Leaders that are ‘human’ playable, as well as non crap versions of Anders, a fixed Zarek (to reflect changes to Administration), and several new Loyalty sniffing characters. New Ellen looks fun, she has a OPG ability, Flirt, that she looks at a random Loyalty of one person, in exchange for choosing one of hers to show in return. Plus several new additions like Elosha, Racetrack (her drawback is Deathwish, if Cylon ships are present and she can fly, she must fly).

Otherwise reset to 5, normal resources, the reckless triggers with the mixed treachery deck (I still think the Daybreak treachery too strong alone, Pegasus too conditional, together is Goldilocks).

EDIT: oh, also remove two regular vipers, and add 4 Mk VII vipers that start damaged. That’s Cylon Fleet stuff. Along with the ability to use an activation of a viper to ‘escort’ a civilian ship. This reshuffles it off the board. And since there will be more Civvies placed, this is useful.

And Starkiller/ Darth Maul is there. His normal ability seems really good, on par with Apollo. The first two Raider attacks in his space automatically miss.



Those changes sound pretty good! Nothing more frustrating than activation after activation on an empty board.

I liked the combined treachery decks as well.

I totally forgot who Elosha is and had to look her up.


There was only enough room for 4 of you on these airwaves. Unfortunately there are 6 of you. So it is time for you to settle this like gentlemen, with a rumble.

You know the rules, no messing with the hair. Oh, and also you will each be dealt 7 cards, from your choice of Politics, Leadership, and Tactics.
*Each round you will select one card for offence, one for defense.
*Each round will have a designated attack direction. First round player to your right. It will shift over one to the right every round (so round 2 two seats right, round 3 across from you, etc.).
*If the attack card is higher than your targets defense, they take 1 damage.
*In case of a tie, it settles rock, paper, scissors. Politics beats Leadership. Leadership beats Tactics. Tactics beat Politics.
*Players are eliminated when they take 3 damage. The last 4 standing are then seated.
*If multiple players are eliminated at the same time, then highest remaining card wins.
*Every 3 rounds you discard any remaining cards and draw new

However there is one wrinkle, some players get bonus draws to start. The last round of winners get +1 card, and players get +1 for every game they sat out.

@Lantz 8 cards
@Otthegreat 9 cards
@soondifferent 8 cards
@rowe33 8 cards
@Jorn_Weines 7 cards
@jeffreyb 8 cards

So everyone select your cards Politics, Leadership, Tactics mix and match.

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One entrant sealed. Others submit your PMs when ready.


@CraigM I am travelling right now so I will probably hold up the deathmatch since it is MAX HIGH INTENSITY. I’ve also played in many of the last games, so I’ll withdraw.