Battlestar Galactica 18: Off to college, and then to War


Got it, send me my crisis choices when you’re ready.


Literally seconds after you asked.


No really good choice here. No jump prep, but we should be able to pass this one. The other one was ugly.


looks around at all our piloting cards


I guess I’ll have to spend my nice cards on it. Ew.


The other one was choose loss / other loss. This one at least we have a chance.


I am useless for this.


I am not really very helpful on this either, you’ll have to do the heavy lifting Knight.


I’ll get the party started with 1 Card.



0 cards. @Lantz


1 card

@Knightsaber up to you Admiral

edit - I can’t type


4 cards.



1 card @CraigM


Technically you mean @scottagibson but I’m pretty sure that’s a 0.


I’m pretty sure he needs to discard 2 also. Which is weird since it’s after the crisis. But i see he only pulled one quorum card as well.

So i will accept it as it is



You can use the President title as an action to draw 1 Quorum card, so no discard was needed. It is how you could get Quorum cards if Colonial One was destroyed, for example, or if you are Roslin.


He used the President’s card to draw one Quorum card instead of activating his location to actually do the normal president thing. Because (s)he has cancer.

Roslyn is kind of a trash President. Vote Tory!


Ah. Learn something every day it seems :)


Ugh, next thing you’ll be spouting off about a Capricexit. No thanks, Lib Dems.


But, 1) sorting crisis cards is good, and 2) once-per-game sorting 4 quorum cards can save the day.


Roslin’s crisis sorting is ridiculous, especially if you have a friendly Roslin and friendly Boomer next to each other in turn order.