Battlestar Galactica 19: Operation Airlift


Obviously we need to start the pre-game race over - no one remembers where everyone was, etc, fresh start!


@CraigM Need me to step in here, man?


@CraigM send us a signal if you need evac, we’ll… err… send Liam Neeson.


Hopefully Craig wasn’t human-trafficked somewhere. I didn’t say that out loud.


I wasn’t going to kidnap him until August 2018 so don’t look at me.


Hello, hello? Is this thing on?


Dradus contact!


Sorry, things… happened. I was waiting for New Angeles to wrap. But give me until the afternoon and I can get the engines warmed up.


@soondifferent is packing his bags for Luna Station as we speak.


I think this has all happened before, 19 times.


Hope things happened in a good way then!


Craig just needs to push some updates to the DoD’s core systems, just routine stuff.


Well I did have to emergency format my PC not long ago so I dunno if I still have the boards or tokens (I’m not sure if I dropbox-ed them or not).

If Craig is too busy I suppose I could kick something up.

Edit: I do in fact, have all the things.


Let’s do this!


I don’t have the Cylon Fleet board and such things so we’d have to go back to just the Pegasus and Galactica. Also we should probably make sure that @CraigM is actually not doing it himself. That would be @CraigM.

That guy… @CraigM


I’m ok with that, having never understood the whole thing anyways.!


Craig said yesterday he’d do one. I’ll wait a week and see if he has :)


Ha, sorry. Yeah the holidays get crazy. My sons birthday was two weeks ago, my daughters yesterday, and we hosted two parties at our house.

I will never do that again.

I have been cleaning house for a month.

Lets do this.


Famous last words…


You all probably should already be aware since I pinged you, but just in case

that a way -> Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle