Battlestar Galactica 19: Operation Airlift


Up to you now - are you going to help? We’re at 5 right now, pre-Destiny.


I’ll add tactics 1ls and a promise to pull some strings if needed after. @rowe33


Pol 5 (PP) for me


So, @rowe33, you’ve got a few things to tell me.

One: What location do you move to.

Two: do you add a card, or take a mutiny?


Leadership 1(XO)
Politics 0(FtH)


Excellent… I’ll play Pol 1 CP into the check. Can I zip over to the Quorum Chamber?


No. Galactica only.


FTL control please.


Food Shortage



Seriously? …


Hmm. Usually we see more water shortages than food. Must be Apollo.

You are going to discard right Billy?


Ok, what do the non-Cylons here think? Basically all my cards to save 1 Food because just like last time, we’re losing 1 no matter what.


I don’t know how common it is to lose, or gain, food, but 4 at distance 2 seems low. OTOH, if you have good cards, it could pay off in other ways - we’re not getting out of this without gambling one way or the other.


I wouldn’t worry too much about our current position. We never lost by food (I think, almost though) but that would have to be some really good cards to not take the 1 food.

Really up to you @rowe33


Saving a food now means that we have more flexibility later. Saving cards now even if are human right now, it doesn’t mean you will remain a human after you jump. The human thing to do is to save the food. Not sure why this is even in contention.


I’ll keep my cards - we have a Cylon already and Food really is the least of our problems right now.


Apollo + Billy Cylon team?


Give me a break, metalhead.


We’ll make some soylent, it’s fine.


Your Paranoia is getting the better of you, or just more deflection?

I’m sure Rowe is metagaming here as he is human. Nothing you can do about that.

We are about to jump
Anyone is suspect again pretty soon

On the subject of jumping. Should we be at - 1 instead of - 3? @CraigM


Yeah you will be at the -1 space. Also you have 1 nuke instead of 2. For some reason when I did the first part I must have saved before I edited those, and closed them, so that when I opened it to finish it had the old values.

Or I straight uploaded the wrong one. That seems like the case upon further inspection. I even had damage tokens on the basestar.

Anyhow -2 food. Then the Raiders attack.

Raider in 1 - 4, miss

Raider in 4 - 4…

Any moves from @jeffreyb or @Perky_Goth ?