Battlestar Galactica 19: Operation Airlift


We’ll make some soylent, it’s fine.


Your Paranoia is getting the better of you, or just more deflection?

I’m sure Rowe is metagaming here as he is human. Nothing you can do about that.

We are about to jump
Anyone is suspect again pretty soon

On the subject of jumping. Should we be at - 1 instead of - 3? @CraigM


Yeah you will be at the -1 space. Also you have 1 nuke instead of 2. For some reason when I did the first part I must have saved before I edited those, and closed them, so that when I opened it to finish it had the old values.

Or I straight uploaded the wrong one. That seems like the case upon further inspection. I even had damage tokens on the basestar.

Anyhow -2 food. Then the Raiders attack.

Raider in 1 - 4, miss

Raider in 4 - 4…

Any moves from @jeffreyb or @Perky_Goth ?


Also @Otthegreat I have given you your cards already, if you want to prepare your turn as soon as the piloting is resolved.


em 1


Reroll 4, -2, miss.

Ok @Otthegreat. No board right now, heading out the door, but it’s yours.


Jump? Or something special? @Otthegreat


I’ll discard Politics 0 (FtH) to move to FTL and jump the ship.


Looking at your weakness maybe taking that mutiny yourself wasn’t such a great idea after all


No XO available for me to hit it? As Apollo points out, I’m confused by the risk of jail time. We could have had the Cylon in jail for a while now, or forced him to resurrect at least.


I’m away from home so you’ve got a few hours to discuss I suppose.


That’s a good point. I don’t have an XO to use, unfortunately. I thought about playing my mutiny card instead of jumping. I guess I’ll think about it a bit more.


Don’t get me wrong, I think jumping is pretty good right now


Soooo…what have you done for humanity lately? You keep accusing me of being a Cylon but all you have to go on is the brigging, which I helped you out of based on the improbability of both you and Apollo being Cylon. Meanwhile I’ve destroyed a basestar and lamed another, helped with all important checks. I could have used my opg in a far more damaging manner. Pretty poor Cylon play. You’ve caused us to lose two extra food for selfish or Cylon reasons. You opted out of checks we could have passed with your help. Please stop acting so toasterish, it’s making me consider the statistically unlikely.


Yes, all you did was brig a human on no real evidence. Then try to play nice so you can keep picking suboptimal destinations.


Alright, on second thought I will play this instead:


Politics 0 (FtH), 3 (IC)
Leadership 1 (MV)
Engineering 0 (EN), 1 ®





Hmm. I don’t think Gina is a Cylon, because she wouldn’t have hesitated to brig me earlier if she was. So I think the next jump should be safe at least.


Ok here is the crisis

Centurion Assault

Starts at @jeffreyb