Battlestar Galactica 21 - Blackjack in Casino Royale


I can help too.


1 card, it’s not much @jeffreyb


@jeffreyb said 1 card regardless, so @Lantz next.


3 cards

@Jorn_Weines I put in big


3 cards @CraigM


It’s amusing all vipers are in space already.


No big write up, doing this before cooking dinner, but @soondifferent pick a landing spot.

You may also withdraw 1 card

Politics 1CP
Tactics 0QT, 1G&I, 2LS, 2LS, 2LS, 6SFF

Leadership 4DE
Piloting 1EM, 1FT, 1EM

Total +7 pass

Quick thinking happens


Nice! Should I bother to repair command, or should I go repair some vipers? @Lantz @Jorn_Weines


You also do Quick Thinking, don’t forget


Right! But it’s Anders who gets to withdraw right?


Grabbing a P1 EM seems like a good idea.

I guess we need more Vipers if you’re going to launch @soondifferent?


Yeah, I’ll go to the hangar, and repair some new Mk II vipers for my second action. @CraigM



@Jorn_Weines chooses


I would prefer not to.

I guess the check is the least bad? @soondifferent @Lantz

I can contribute a bit, but not nearly enough. Sending @soondifferent back to the brig with the mutiny is not that fun. Maybe a lesser evil? At any rate: I WANT MY JUMP PREPS @CraigM!!!


It would be you going to the brig.



You know what happens when you go to the brig right?


I think so, but I am starting to have serious doubts about my ability to keep track of anything in this game. Hello, nice to meet you, by the way.

But maybe sending me to the Brig can have some opportunities? @soondifferent becomes Admiral (and CAG?), and maybe my new Mutiny-card is actually useful?


You also reduce flight coverage for the impending Raiderpocalypse



I am pretty sure we have to go for the check, but I’ll let the others chime in.

How many games have there been with the Cylon Fleet Board? I think that I like it well overall since it avoids the crazy ups and downs of the Cylon Assault crises. I wish we’d blown more of the ships out of the skies, though.