Battlestar Galactica 21 - Blackjack in Casino Royale


@jeffreyb you are up


Allright, things look dire

I God Emperor Helo have the power to enable someone else to do my bidding.
Who would be most usefull @Jorn_Weines or @soondifferent ?

We need ships in space and i think it’s best if i stay put in CiC?

Also input from @Lantz maybe?


My general read would be that getting Starbuck into 2 would be the best simple option and if something went wrong we’d have a couple chances to deal with her before her turn (I have no current red flags, just noting).

Anders has the nice card to use that he pulled out of the check so giving him a chance to use it first could be nice.

edit - removed a line about my turn, don’t think it’s fair


I think Starbuck in 2 would be least risky given the pursuit track.


i will wait for @Jorn_Weines , maybe he has nice piloting cards which could help as well


Sorry for the delay, was visiting some old friends.

I don’t think an XO on me is the most useful course of action @jeffreyb. I can use the card I got from the QT, but not much else. Escort another civvie would be nice I guess, but not fantastic?


So I’m correct Starbuck could do launch action, then take another action from launching to get to sector 2. Then would have to another action from the xo to do something? @CraigM @soondifferent


Yeah, I believe so, I can use CAG once a turn as long as I’m in a viper.

oops, actually that’s not the question, but so move to 2 + CAG + action, I think


So you have something else to do as well when you get to sector 2?


At a minimum he can escort a civilian right?


Oh yeah that is good enough for me

xo 2 onto @soondifferent save us Starbuck!


Yeah, I think we can clear one from 2. I’ll thinking we’ll launch a redshirt to 4 as CAG action.


Get into viper, move to 2. CAG a redshirt to 4. Escort middle civvie from 2. @CraigM



Starting with @Lantz

Hey look jump prep! Also look, nasty.


Please hold, may play something
Question pm @CraigM

Ok, that’s cleared up, i will play nothing precheck @Lantz


I might play something precheck, depends on how we are looking on cards? Assuming that destiny will likely be against us.

(if we can pass it without any precheck cards, it would be less risk, as the card I’m considering comes with its own problems.)


I have the E3 RS I picked up with QT, not much else to add.


i can help, destiny only has 1 good card i believe


I am a little light, can help some


And how much treachery do we have left after airlock and recent discards? (that won’t hurt us too much if played.)